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Fun in times of crisis - women in uniform

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Hi all,

looking through my collection once again I realized that Germans obviously liked to keep up morale in ww1 (and before, and later...) by taking or having taken pictures of their girlfriends or wifes in Uniform. So I thought this might be a nice thread in these bad times we live in today.

To start, here is my absolutely favourite one. Though she is not a "perfect" beauty, the quality of the picture, the detail of the EK2 and the Uniform ("Goslarer" Hannoversches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 10, I think - it was taken there) and the Grabendolch (though not fully visible) always strike me when I see it.

Would love to see any other pictures like this from you other guys.

Greetings from Germany



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2 hours ago, ixhs said:

typical Fräulein Feldgrau pics.  Funny .

@ixhs Sounds like you own some too? Feel free to contribute.



4 hours ago, GreyC said:

I´ll add a gal in the uniform of the Imperial Navy.


@GreyC Nice one! 🙂 But what kind of badge does she wear? Never seen this one before?!



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