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It's interesting how at different times warriors were able to show their opponents/enemies some basic form of respect... It of course is a romantic notion but still there is something about the respect that you might be fighting for different sides or values but you at least respect that there is a person on the other side. In the past it wasn't always like that and now it is very  often not like that. Showing respect to the captured, the wounded and also the dead really shows what a person is made of. 

Great photos Chris

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During the First World War ,Chivalry was not absent . even on the Eastern Front or better to said that was more current there ,Russian and Austrian Officers Corps were more linked that we can think. The Prussian German Officers too have at least  respect for their Russian counterparts. German and French officers at least the Regulars , fought whitout hate . The British and German officers have coldest relationship.

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