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Help to identify Officer with Saxe Weimar order

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Hello everybody

I have this photo since several years. I try, without success, to find the name of this officer. Thanks for your help. He served in the Saxon Karabiner Regiment, whose Chief is Wilhelm Ernst of Saxe Weimar (explain the SF3bX). He received the Anhalt Friedrich cross 2nd class (that's the clue for me).

Thanks for your help




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The only Karabinier-Regiment officers I know of with the Friedrichkreuz are:

• Erich Bardenwerper, *3.1.1887 in Dessau, gef. 31.3.1916; Lt.d.R. d. KarabR, kdrt. z. Fliegertr.

• Ernst Guenther, *7.8.1896 in Dessau; Lt., KarabR, OLt.a.D.

If it is Bardenwerper, those are his only known decorations. If it is Guenther, the photo would have to be between 15.7.1915, when he received the AK, and 28.10.15, when he received the SA3bX. Guenther received his GSF3bX in 1915, but there are no exact dates in the rolls. Below is Guenther in Finland in 1918. There does seem to be some similarity.


The image is from this thread:



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