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Wambold or Wambolt ?

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I have a Karteikarte reading : Maj.dR. Frhr. „Wambold“ v. Umstadt
In Trauerannoncen steht : Maj.dR. Frhr. „Wambolt“ v. Umstadt
In Personalveränderungen 1941 steht : Maj.dR. Frhr. von „Wambold“
As in both the K.Karte and the PV there is „Wambold“, that should be correct BUT in Internet there is „Wambolt“ like in Trauerann., so „Wambolt“ correct ???
Also,is „v. Umstadt“ the correct completion of the name(and therefore PV. is wrong) or what ?
I hope somebody can help, thanks

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First let me thank You for Your kind contributes.

I know Wikipedia (I wrote above "in Internet....."), but the problem is that I am a "name perfectionist" and to me is Wambold and Wambolt or Schmitt and Schmidt totally different names. That´s why I always look for official evidences (birth or death docs., etc.)

If I knew the actual family address I´ d write them asking for that, but I don´t know who they are and where they live. 


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