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REPOST: Prussian Shako Helmet - REAL or FAKE ??

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Hello.  Yesterday I posted about a Prussian Shako I bought.  I am new to this area of collecting.  Over 60 people looked at the posting, but noone responded.

I reached out to a collector I found online and he suspects that the Shako is a fake.  I would really like to get a second opinion.  Please see below photos.

I don't yet have it in my possession, so I cannot provide more photos.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.  Is it Real or a Fake?  If a Fake, is it a replica of an original or is it a total fantasy piece?

Thanks.  Linas


shako 1.jpg

shako 2.JPG

shako 3.JPG

shako 4.JPG

shako 5.JPG

shako 6.JPG

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I know nothing about Prussian shakos, but if it's a fake, it seems to have been professionally aged.  On the other hand, I was once in a market in Taiwan looking at antiques, and my Chinese friend observed, "Be careful, Hugh.  When I was young, I made a lot of money making "antiques."

Not much help, I know.  



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What is it supposed to be?

It certainly has a very unusual shape, plate and Feldzeichen look crude, and it seems to be a mixture of EM (cockarden, Feldzeichen) and officer rank (chin scales) items. Compare to: https://ageofkingsmilitaria.com/prussian-jaeger-officer-shako-ensemble-parade-with-original-case


Personally, I would pass on it. 

BTW, it is fairly easy (and actually fun and educational) to do this kind of research yourself. Simply check out some of the dealer sites will give you a feel of whether the item in hand is problematic. It will not tell you with certainty if it is real - but the issues identified above are readily identifiable with a simple web search.

And I see Simi responded to your original post the same day you asked for opinions (basically noting similar points to those set out above) - so what is the panic about? 




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