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    Poland: a "Virtuti Militari" awarded to a French officer

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    following to the discussion about the Polish war order awarded to Rumanian soldiers, I would like to add a further cross, present in my collection.

    This one, belonged to a French officer: Pierre Desire Robert Didio.

    A detailed biography of him, can be found here: https://wikimaginot.eu/V70_glossaire_detail.php?id=1000561 where we see that he participated to the battle of Verdun as a captain and distinguished himself in that fierce battle.

    From the summer of 1919, until 1927 he saw service in Poland, with the French Military Mission.

    On June 22nd, 1922, he received the V Class of the Virtuti Militari.

    In December 1937, he was promoted Brigadier General, Commander of the Bordeaux base; later of an Alpine Infantry brigade.

    In 1940, he distinguished himself in the unfortunate war against Germany, was taken prisoner and repatriated in France in 1942(!)...

    An interesting career indeed.

    The cross is made of silver, with separately-made obverse and reverse centre medallions, these, made of gold. The number is engraved and the ribbon is of the frail, "swiss" type.

    Best wishes,



    Pierre Didio Avers.jpg

    Pierre Didio Reverse.jpg

    Pierre Didio Number.jpg

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    6 minutes ago, BalkanCollector said:

    Very interesting piece!

    I guess you meant from 1917 to 1919?

    You're perfectly right, noting the typing mistake that I've just corrected in my post, thank you!

    Pierre Didio, was in Poland between 1919 and 1927, as stated in his detailed biography, available on the webpage I've quoted as a link.

    Best wishes,


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