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    Photo album of a Napoleonic empire's collection


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    This is not my field of collection so I would like to have your opinions about this photo album of a huge collection from the Napoleonic empire. It contains 7 large size photos and the collection is really impressive ! The album is luxurious and measures 30x40 cm
    There is a dedication dated from 1933 : "Respectueux Souvenirs à Monsieur Vallot Directeur Général des Services d'Alsace et Lorraine - Strasbourg le 22 Novembre 1933 - Ed.Weil"
    I've found out that Paul Valot (and not "Vallot" as written in the dédicace !) was Préfet and Directeur général des services d'Alsace et de Lorraine à la Présidence du Conseil from 1925 à 1941.







    more photos







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    7 minutes ago, dedehansen said:

    I would read the dediction as 1923.

    At the original resolution, I can see why you would think that, Andreas. However, when blown up, I think that it is 1933, which fits in with M. Valot's dates of service, of course.



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