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    PRÄWEMA Markneukirchen screw nuts - what is this?

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    These screw nuts probably predate the BRD and DDR era.  Prawena has been in the badge making business for a long time.  I can not say off hand exactly which badge they could belong to.  Perhaps someone else, such as Nico, can add some more ideas.




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    In his calalogues about DDR (GDR) decorations and medals Frank Bartel classify these nuts as "Typ 1", a srew with a large base and the nut with PRÄWEMA. "Typ 2" is the same screw and the nut without any marking.

    The time range is from the 50s to the 60s.


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    Im Prinzip ja!

    There are several different badges with "Typ 1". They are mostly older than the same badges with the other Types (2 - 5), and yes, they normally have a higher value. For the differences you need the appropiate catalogue from Frank Bartel.


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