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    Anniversary ribbons Leib-Husaren-Regiment

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    • 3 weeks later...

    It is difficult to know how the different elements of the batches with flags came together.
    With the Manteuffel-Dragoons veterans flag came a "Fahnenspitze" with the initials FR and the inscription 1762. from the time of Frederick the Great, so it shouldn't have been in this set either.

    In Lot 1542: A standard of the Uhlan Regiment "Grand Duke Friedrich von Baden" (Rhenish) No. 7, circa 1900. None of the elements accompanying the Standard pertain to that regiment.

    As for the Centennial Band, there were several regiments that had been founded in 1941 but only the two Leib-husaren regiments received their distinction in 1841, the date that appears after the initials of FW IV. (by AKO of 04/29/1941)

    The other units with the inscription "ERRICHTET 1741" 

    Pi.Batls.3 Granted by AKO of 01/08/1876 for what behind the F.II. The date was 1876.

    Hus.Rgt. 4 Granted by AKO of 01/24/1895 for which behind the F.II. the date was 1895


    The commemorative ribbon of the 1870 campaign of one of the Leib-husren-tegiment regiments, was sold by Carsten Zeige in 2018;

    Los 401Fahnenband für den Krieg gegen Frankreich "1870/1871" der Standarte des Leib-Husaren-Regts. Nr. 1. Seidenband der Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71 mit 13 Fahnenbandspangen (davon 6 mit rückseitiger Datumsgravur), diese Messing vergoldet, verzierte Endglieder mit anhängender Quaste. Das Fahnenband wurde den Leib-Husaren am 18. August 1895 mit den Gefechtsspangen verliehen. Die Standarte stand bis zum 2. Weltkrieg im Dienstgebäude des General-Kds. II. AK in Stettin.
    Source: https://veryimportantlot.com/de/lot/view/fahnenband-45050


    Los 401  Fahnenband des Leib-Husaren-Regts. Nr. 1.jpg

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