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Afghanistan .Victory Star 1876

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One of them I believe belongs to a German with afghani connections. Why 1876 the only event I have any knowledge  of for that year in Afghani history is the visit of the Russian legation which was one of the contributory factors to the 2nd Afghan war.


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 I have discovered it was awarded for the sack (virtual genocide) and annexation of Maimana in the north by the kigdom of Kabul in 1876. It is a crudely made uniface starshaped medal with central toughra amd inscription. I was unable to access the image for copying purposes.


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I would suggest that the uppermost inscription reads "Fateh Mimani" (Mimani Victory). The central toughra is I believe an embellished "Ali". Sadly I cannot be definitive about the lower inscription, but it appears to "Emir Shah". Edit - Perhaps "Emir Sher" is better.



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The ribbon is a fanciful guess and is in fact a Ghuznee 39 ribbon. given the survival rate,say with the Hazarajat medal which in silver appears not infrequently, suggests that it was awarded sparingly. Also threr are at east 2 gold Hazarajat medals recorded, which were presumably awarded to field officerd. I would anticipate a few gold specimens of this medal at least at dome time existed.



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As far as I know, this medal had three classes. There were three degrees in each class. 

Grade 1: gold medal
Grade 2: silver medal with a gold centre
Grade 3: silver medal with silver centre

1st class: 8 rays
2nd class: 7 rays
3rd class: 6 rays

On 30/11/2020 at 08:31, numis said:

Thank you

I know of two extant : I have one and a  collector in Europe with whom I was in contact said that he had one

Can you post pictures of your medal? 
Does it also have an inscription on the reverse? 

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Thank you Alexander for the information . Is there a published source ?

My specimen is the same as the photo above ( the ribboned 6 ray silver only  medal ) .The reverse is plain

Apparently the Tancred book includes this medal on page 302

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No, this information has not yet been published. It is only my research. I have all 3rd grade medals and a 1st class 2nd grade medal.  The 3rd class 2nd degree medal I have seen.  I think there is a class 2 3rd degree medal as well. No information about the gold medals has been confirmed yet. An acquaintance of mine from Herat wrote to me about them. But I do not have these medals and have no pictures of them.


Help! Unidentified Silver Medal - South Asia - Gentleman's Military Interest Club (gmic.co.uk)


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