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Ek1 1914 opinions

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3 hours ago, Peter Cornwell said:

EU2400 plus buyer's commission is a lot cheaper than what the earlier Ratisbons auction cross made but still quite a premium. And this was a better cross IMO although not as pristine.


I assume the cross you're talking about is the one that sold at Hermann Historica on June 1st for 2.400 Euro + buyer's premium.


As a discriminating collector, I would much prefer having the one sold by HH in my collection.  It has terrific patina and shows honest wear and age.  I can see the fine pebbling of the core and nice details of the crown.  The OP's core, on the other hand, almost looks like it was repainted. 

EK1 Patentverschluss.jpg

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Hi Peter Cornwell,


Some of those models are so rare that we need more data or examples of them to be 100% sure.

At the moment i have to agree with the common opinion and the expertise of more advanced collectors

In the world of collecting nothing is not final

See the example of the KO maker for years the collectors were wrong

 Anyway this is, in my opinion, the most desirable  model of 1914  EK1




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Hello Graf,


I guess it is in the nature of all collectors that 'the most desirable' item has to be whatever happens to be top of their wish list at the time. But for sure, KMST EK1s with their over-engineered fixings will always have a particular appeal. They do come onto the market fairly frequently (for big money) so I remain hopeful - but I have been surprised by the unusually pristine condition of the latest on offer. Modern restrikes or a fabled cache of unissued stock who knows ?


Alles Besten,


Peter C    

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Hi Peter Cornwell,


That is what I have noticed as well, Sometimes 2-3 are offered at the same time by different Dealers after a long period of drought  That is more often with WW2 EK1 ad EK2

I reduced my interests..and also my collection only to rare or relatively  models. That on the other hand creates a bit of competition







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Congratulations, you have clearly chosen wisely and well over the years. Classic MEYBAUER screwbacks, KMST 'nutmeg grater', fanged GODET, flawless WERNER, & two AWS pillow-backs. Kudos ! At present, I can match two of them (KMST & L/11 screwback) but remain hopeful of one day adding a fanged cross (preferably 1870) to my own modest collection. Thanks for posting the photo. 

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 Peter Cornwell,


Thank you for the comments

I had bigger collection, however I decided to clear most common ones

The screw back EK1 is L/12 -Juncker

I wish you luck in your collecting



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Me too! So happy hunting to us both. Meantime, I’ve been trying to establish a sequence for the different styles of KMST makers marks but without much success. The vast majority of examples carry the cast letters D.R.G.M and K.M.ST. and this applies to all types of their EK1s. The stamped letters DRGM and KMSt seem to be less common and appear on crosses with the circular plate fixing and also on plain pinbacks with the additional security clip. From this, I suspect that crosses with the cast letters possibly predate those with incised/stamped letters. Unfortunately, the actual DRGM numbers are not included so we have no clue as to even the year that the various designs were first registered. Core patterns seem to be largely consistent across the entire range of types although at least two different cores can be identified by their crowns (see photos). However, one oddity is that KMST screwbacks do not seem to have carried any DRGM letters. So possibly this design was simply not registered by KMST being considered a relatively standard fitting compared to their other more distinctive and complex designs – who knows?

abc Obv (3).jpg

KMST Obv (3).jpg

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Hi Peter,


Good work Keep the good job


The same thing apply for other makers like AWS they have very rare stamped marks

I was an owner of one EK1

Few years ago i helped a fellow collector to reunite it with a huge grouping of Pour Le Merite.

Sadly I saw this grouping fro sale by eMedals later onin

Looks like we might be bidders for this rare EK1  I hope one of us we wiin







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