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    Alter Adler Reinhold Böhm/Boehm (tough question)

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    Reinhold Böhm (1890--1958) from Gertlauken, Kreis Labiau (Königsberg, Ostpreußen) was a flyer before the world war, also a flight teacher and world record holder, flying 24 hours and 12 minutes from 10 to 11 July 1914 with his Albatros-Militär-Doppeldecker (Albatros B.I). This record was first broken by Charles Lindbergh 1927. Now here the question: Did he serve in WWI? Fliegertruppe? He was 24 years, so surely he was called upon?! But I cannot find any record, probably not an officer. If anyone with good records can find out anything about his life after July 1914, I would be very grateful!



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    Reinhold Boehm (apparently correct spelling according to several sources) do have two files in Landesarchiv Karlsruhe. They might give added info on his post War service as well what he was doing during WW1. He does not have any BAMA file.

    His family file on ancestry.de gives good overall info about his living throughout his life. It also indicates that he was testflyer for Albatros Werken and Fluglehrer during WW1.  I have diffucult to find him in my unit files as there too many Boehm/Böhm. So at moment I dont have any frontline units for him.



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    Thank you, Gentlemen, that is a start. If you find anything more, please let me know. I am not a member at ancestry.de, therefore I am not allowed to see most of the information. Could you, Gunnar, maybe make a screenshot? Thank you! I also could not find any service time during WWII. Yes. he was Werkspilot and Fluglehrer with Albatros before the war, so maybe also during the war.

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