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  1. Hi Dave, No direct hits, I have an Lt dR x Eichler (O) in FFA 23 (an famous unit) during summer 1916. I also have an Lt x Eichler in FAA 283 during summer 1917 but in both cases w/o known first names. It exist an BAMA file for an later Hptm dR zV Kurt Eichler born 08.04.1891 but I havent checked that file. It also exist non-military files in Berlin for Dr Kurt Eichler born 18.02.1893 and Kurt Eichler born 31.03.1895. In some cases these Berlin files could contain valuable military info like KRLs, Lebenslauf and similar but most of them are just civilian. Gunnar
  2. Thanks again Dave, Yes I have access to ancestry.de so I could read his file there with his early career during the War. His later career I have from some other sources but I lack his complete War service. In my files I have a bunch of flyers born in Greiz who might be candidates for Reuss awards. Gunnar
  3. Interesting info Dave ! After leaving Grufl 10 stab Schilbach ended up as leader of Grubist 135 during 1918. He apparently served with KG 4/19 (new Kasta 19) during spring 1917. This unit was renamed from Kasta-Sosta 2 on 01.01.1917. Is there indication in your records that he served in Sosta 2 during autumn of 1916 after leaving FFA 9 ? I am also interested if it exist an approximate date for his aerial victory. Gunnar
  4. Hi I have that the pilot Oblt Prinz Heinrich XLII Reuss, received something called REK3 mit Schw on 17.9.1914 and R.Kv.K.I on 6.4.1918, but he was only a flyer during 1916. His photo differs from the photo posted by Matty, so not him. And he apparently did not receive either vwAbz or ErrAbz. Gunnar
  5. Hi Chris The basic rule to get access to these Files is that you "must" visit the archive i Freiburg, then order the file and lastly order copies of that file. In some rare cases I have heard of they have made exception to this rule and have accepted that you order copies via mail/e-mail. I knew that the US military government in Washington have made copies of some of these files called NARA files, but I dont knew how to search there. Some files contains only a single small paper of like a transfer from WW2 or economic info etc. Others could be goldmines regarding info with hundred of pages The file number for this Oblt dR aD Franz Hocker is PERS 6/191585. I have no idea if it is a goldmine or trash. Gunnar Oh, I forgot to mention that it works like two or three researchers on Daily basis there, similar like "private investigator". I have seen them throughout the Years but I dont have their names. Probably you can get their contact info via the staff in the Archive. These people can do the job for you but they probably take some fee for it.. Gunnar
  6. Hi A long-shot, but it existed an Franz Hocker who ended up as Oblt dR aD during WW2. Born 23.12.1893. He have an BAMA file, maybe your man ? Gunnar
  7. Hi Steve If you have access to ancestry.de you can find good info on Gustav Brockhoff among Chroniken der Marine Besatzungen and a family tree. Here some short added info. He was not Leutnant der MI, instead he started as Seekadett 010413, Fähn zS 030414,Vzfeuerw 280515,Lt dR MA 160316 (Reutlingen). Some awards: EKII 041016,LFAbz 191016,BMVO4 201216,EKI 181017,Bulg.Tapf.Orden 040418,EisHalbmond x He was born 15.06.1895 Sayn-Neuwied, Coblenz and served through WW2 as Major dR. During his flying career in WW1 he served within the following flying units: MLFA J-thal, FEA 7, SFS A-see, Js 8, MFFA II, MFJ I, SFS Xanthi, Js 25, and lastly as leader of MFJ III. There is no confirmation in German records that his claim on 08.05.1918 at Pervyse was confirmed so he apparently ended up with 4 victories. Gunnar
  8. Hi I have some info regarding his WW1 awards. EKII 23.06.1915 Wald.Offz.Verdienstkreuz 22.08.1915 Fz.Abz 05.12.1916 EKI 08.07.1919, got it after returning from captivity VerwAbz no date given
  9. Very nice item Alex ! Do you happen to knew when Martin Jahre joined LFS Barge ? I assume late 1918. Gunnar
  10. Hi Matt I dont have a first name but he was promoted Lt dR on 31.10.1917 (I Hamburg). I dont knew if the award rolls for HHK still exists but he is probably there. The first note I have him in FA 33 is in July 1917. Gunnar
  11. Hi Prussian, you probably noted that I wrote "I do think" but also Thorsten Pietsch on his website writes : This info is from Thorsten's site: Heldmann, Aloys * 02.12.1895 Grevenbrück + 01.11.1983 Grevenbrück The MWB confirms his Bezirk as Siegen and Grevenbrück lies within this area. His birth certificate is not on ancestry.de. To check his BAMA file would rather certain confirm "my theory" about his birthplace Gunnar
  12. Hi I do think his birthplace should be given as Grevenbrück, Siegen. Promoted Lt dR 080817 (Siegen). He have an personal in BAMA Freiburg which I havent checked yet which might give lots of added info.. Gunnar
  13. Hi again I also think that the group photo also includes officers from FFA 57, just discovered that this unit did not left Süd Army until the first Days of January 1916. Gunnar
  14. Hi Matt I dont have any Vogel in my FFA 54 list, but I dont have all names. Vogel is apparently neither one of the still unsolved signatures on the plate, but those left before Wilberg left are not there. Gera is a town near the Sachsen border. It is possible that Vogel is an photographer working in Gera. Sorry cant help in this case. Gunnar
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