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  1. Very nice item Alex ! Do you happen to knew when Martin Jahre joined LFS Barge ? I assume late 1918. Gunnar
  2. Hi Matt I dont have a first name but he was promoted Lt dR on 31.10.1917 (I Hamburg). I dont knew if the award rolls for HHK still exists but he is probably there. The first note I have him in FA 33 is in July 1917. Gunnar
  3. Hi Prussian, you probably noted that I wrote "I do think" but also Thorsten Pietsch on his website writes : This info is from Thorsten's site: Heldmann, Aloys * 02.12.1895 Grevenbrück + 01.11.1983 Grevenbrück The MWB confirms his Bezirk as Siegen and Grevenbrück lies within this area. His birth certificate is not on ancestry.de. To check his BAMA file would rather certain confirm "my theory" about his birthplace Gunnar
  4. Hi I do think his birthplace should be given as Grevenbrück, Siegen. Promoted Lt dR 080817 (Siegen). He have an personal in BAMA Freiburg which I havent checked yet which might give lots of added info.. Gunnar
  5. Hi again I also think that the group photo also includes officers from FFA 57, just discovered that this unit did not left Süd Army until the first Days of January 1916. Gunnar
  6. Hi Matt I dont have any Vogel in my FFA 54 list, but I dont have all names. Vogel is apparently neither one of the still unsolved signatures on the plate, but those left before Wilberg left are not there. Gera is a town near the Sachsen border. It is possible that Vogel is an photographer working in Gera. Sorry cant help in this case. Gunnar
  7. Hi Matt Interesting group photo indeed ! If we can give an approximate date to the photo it would be easier to identify some further flyers in the photo. some thoughts: Quade did join FFA 54 in mid Dec 1915 so the photo is possible taken after that date. My guess it might Christmas 1915. 35 flyers are on the photo where one face is unseen. At that date Stofl Süd also consisted of FFA 59 and apparently an A-H Flik, anyone knew which Flik ? Some "rather well known" flyers including later Aces ought to be identified due other often published photos. It apparently exists other photos for von Hünerbein, Alfons Nagler, Hans Hinsen, Daum, Schleiff, Max Pollandt, Wolfgang Zorer, all from FFA 54. From FFA 59 these flyers should exist on other photos: Sonnenburg(later General), Fahlbusch and Rosencranz(both later Aces), Hans-Max Lohmann(the commander), Leo Leonhardy (the Iron commander and later PlM holder), Victor Stresemann (the Saxon) and eventually the later Ace Alois Heldmann. For Rudolf Mothes who wrote a book about his War experiences I havent seen any photos. I am no photo collector, but only remember seen photos from different sources. Gunnar
  8. Hi again I am not good reading signatures so you might need an reading "expert" for the last unsolved names. However I have rather good unit rosters for the units involved, but not complete. Here are some more "guesses", number 7 might be Rittm Voelkel who was a long timer within FFA 54, number 25 is probably Lt dR Fritz Imhausen, number 33 might be Lt Bodo Frhr von Lyncker and number 39 might be Ott. Maybe someone else could solve the last signatures ? Gunnar
  9. Hi Some names that I am so far rather certain of, left side: number 2 = Braune, number 6 = Hptm dL Thiesing, number 9 = Lt dR Armin Löw, number 15 = Landwüst, number 16 = Lt Richard Kuhna, number 17 = Lt Fritz Schuster, von Kusel should be Lt Kurt von Kessel, right side: number 21 = probably Schleiff, number 27 = Lt Oskar von Lorne von St. Ange, number 28 = Hans Eick is also the name of his file in Stuttgart, number 29 = Schlemmer, number 30 = Lt Walter Mussäus, number 31 = von Münster, number 32 = Preiß, number 35 = von Blankenburg, number 36 = Dahm, number 40 = Wilhelm von Karstedt. Some of the others should be able to solve but maybe need better close up for some. As you see a mix of flyers from FFA 54, AFA 220, Stofl Süd and AFP Süd. And thanks for providing all these photos of high quality ! Gunnar
  10. Hi again When looking further on that plate I am "now" convinced it have officers from both FFA 54 and AFA/FAA 220. When Wilberg left the command of Stofl Süd late May 1916 to take command of Stofl Mackensen the "Army" only had two flying units. When AFA 220 was formed early 1916 it had four a/c and six officers. From the original officers I have five names but one was captured in April 1916. The four others officers from AFA 220 are all apparently on that plate, Hptm Walter Braune, Lt Wilhelm von Münster, Lt dR Alfred Preiß and Lt dR Emil Schlemmer. Gunnar
  11. Hi Dave Lt Arndt is probably named Dietrich and named in the loss lists, eventually he have an file in Berlin Lt Burgdorff is a new name for me, it existed an Obstlt Heinrich Burgdorf born 1881 who served in the Luftwaffe, but different spelling and rather old.. Lt Hans-Heinrich von Foerster from IR 24 did later became an leader of an Bomber-unit. Reimund is a new name for me and tricky to find. Germann Unger from IR 67 with two n in first name is often mis-spelled, he later became an General in Luftwaffe. Gunnar
  12. Very interesting plate Matt ! I can probably identify at least 10 more names on the plate, but I dont have Regiment for all. It seems basically officers from FFA 54 except Anslinger and Paul Pertermann with an unknown rank and maybe one more.(possible ROAs) It might have been a gift to the Stofl Süd, Hptm Wilberg for his service in that position as period fits. He later became an General. Unfortunate i cannot make the picture bigger so can you cut out all the rest of the names as you have done with those identified ? Gunnar
  13. Hi Dave Danner wrote : I'm not sure about an Oldenburg connection, but the other officer has the Friedrich-August-Kreuz 1.Klasse, so maybe the Fliegerabteilung received some Oldenburg awards. FFA 54/FA 24 was part of Süd Army from start 1915 until late 1917. Maybe some Oldenburg Regimenten served within this Army ? some short comments: Gustav Meyer became Meyer-Spelbrink in mid 1920s and still hold that name during WW2, maybe changed his name a second time to Meyer zu Spelbrink after WW2.. Langhoff might be Oblt Georg Langhoff from IR 42 but I dont have him within this unit. Oblt Hans Bergling was from IR 168. Eicke might be the Württemberger Lt or Lt dR Hans Eick from IR 127 who was captured in the autumn of 1916. Franz Schleiff, the later Ace came from FAR 73, also PlM candidate. I have Oblt Herbert Sonnenburg from FAR 46 at AFP Süd and stab Kofl Süd but not within FFA 54, maybe a visitor ? Gunnar
  14. Hi Dave Yes, it is Walter Pohl from earlier IR 136. Walter was the first commander FFA 64 which he lead to late 1916. He have an BAMA file which I have checked. He also had an background in the Air Force pre-War which made his "status" little higher. The last known date I have for Haehner in FFA 64 is July 1916. Gunnar
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