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    1. Hi I do think it is Rittm aD August Graf von Spee but I dont see any von in the signature. He served as observer on the Macedonian front in the summer of 1916 until he was "hit" by a severe Typhus infection which nearly killed him. He was at FEA 11 nearly a Year for convalescence (erholung) but he apparently never recovered completely. Can anyone confirm his date of promotion to Oblt aD 26.11.1914 ? as I cannot find it in the MWB I assume that Brunnengräber is the later Jasta pilot, or ? Gunnar
    2. Hi It existed three different Kasta (Kampfstaffel) 19 during the War. This was the last one. In November 1917 Oblt Hermann Köhl was the commander of the unit, so it could be his signature. Gunnar
    3. Hi Regarding Gerhard Berendonck from FuAR 8, I have that he started his training to observer early 1916 and then became an original member of AFA/FAA 226 in Apr 1916. He was at FBS Cöln from 26.04.1917 until 25.11.1917. This unit later in Feb 1918 moved to Stolp and was renamed to FBS Stolp. He returned to FEA 2 on 26.11.1917 where he started his pilot education on 13.12.1917. Before he became leader of Jasta 52, he also served at Jasta 74 and Jasta 31. Gunnar
    4. Thankyou very much Dave and Andy !! It indeed solved some problems that I had with this flyer. 🙂 Gunnar
    5. Hi I am interested to find added info on Lt dR Georg? van der Emde. He is listed in MWB dated 05.09.1918 for receiving the HOH3x. He was l-WIacc on 12.07.1917 but I canot find him in the DVLs. He apparently dont have any known BAMA or BA file. I also cannot find his promotion to Lt dR in the MWB due their poor search function so I lack an Regiment for him. However I have fair info of his service as observer within the Fliegertruppe during 1917 to 1918. Anyone who have his date an place of birth or added info on him ? Gunnar
    6. Hi An candidate is Oblt dR Johann Stolch, but I doubt that he actually was commander, probably only stv or OzbV Gunnar
    7. Here comes a third candidate 🤨 It might be Oblt Bernhard Lohrenz from earlier FFA 62, He left the command of KG 1/3 in summer of 1917 for GS Paderborn where he took over the FSS after Hptm Kieser.
    8. Hi I have Lt dR Friedrich Sievers listed two times in the DVLs. First time as Vfw in PVL22.01.1917, second time in PVL25.06.1918 when listed as KIacc. His unit then is listed as FEA 7 in one source, so no front-line unit I cannot find his promotion to Lt dR in MWB. He was born 15.09.1892 zu Eldagsen, Springe. I have not checked the BAMA file for Walter Vater, but apparently he had a long service in FAA 284. Gunnar
    9. Hi I dont why you are asking about information on him, as he is a well known personaly during last decade 🤨 As an "swedish" Nobelpreisträger etc. If you can afford to "drink" one Beer every month you can see that he have like eight files on ancestry.de which gives you all the information you are asking for. If you cant afford that small amount of money you can cheat as three months are free on ancestry.de 😃 Gunnar
    10. Hi Lew, Both his BAMA files were thin, the second Pers 6/226598 had his awards w/o dates: LFAbz*, Eis.Halbmond, EKII, vwAbz (he was wounded two times) and later FEK, so no EKI. *26.05.1915 Gunnar
    11. Hi The Eugen at right is rather certain Eugen Arns who spent nearly the entire War as Marine pilot. I have read his BAMA file. He was back at LFA J-thal at least from early Dec 1915. Eugen Arns was born in Kevelaer not far from Düsseldorf. Mvh Gunnar
    12. Hi It is strange as Vince pointed out. He was not qualified for the Er.Abz and he did not served within the Fliegertruppe. The award basically demanded three Years of service as front flyer. Is this kind of a joke ? or he awarded it himself.. Any way he served within the Luftwaffe several Years during WW2, but I am no aware that they during the TR had some sort of similar award, but I might be wrong. Gunnar
    13. Hi It was not allowed to wear two flying badges on the uniform, except if not wearing an Prußian/Bavarian together with an Bulgarian or Türkish flying badge. Nordmann was the commander of FAA 246 on the Macedonian front before he took over FAA 234. Lt dR Franz Kanzler served in FAA 234 between 25.10.1917 until 17.07.1918. The second photo is probably not from "one" FAA/FA, due its to many flyers on that photo. Could be a mixed of two units ? Anyway, interesting photos 😀 Gunnar
    14. Hi Also the date for establish nr 4 Flieger Erinnerungsabzeichen is wrong. To my knowledge the first were awarded very late 1915. I also have doubts about the date for establish nr 8 Fliegerschützabzeichen. To me the first were awarded late April 1918, so mid April 1918 fits better Gunnar
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