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  1. Hi I do think that Griegheim might be Lt von Griesheim, but there were like four candidates with this name. Gunnar
  2. Hi Claudio Those missing in action and those who have died etc where omitted from the "yearly" Ranglisten/dienstalterslisten during the War. Carl Marmier is listed two times in the PVLs, first time on 27.07.1916 in RIR 221 as MIA, second time 17.08.1918 it was recorded that he died on 15.06.1916. His rank is listed as Oblt dL aD and born 30.01.xxxx in Frriedrichsdorf, Taunus. Cannot find Year of birth on ancestry.de. I forgot, also "normal" Ranglisten only included active officers, so those aD and dR are excluded. Gunnar
  3. Hi, I am coming back regarding this thread. Does anyone knew when and where Georg Paul Neumann died ? Gunnar
  4. Hi all, Robert Holtzmann apparently died 26.06.1964, anyone knew the place ? Gunnar
  5. Thanks very much Claudio, btw, as I am is interested in German aviation this thread is surely one of the best. Gunnar
  6. Hi all, Anyone who by chance have the date and place of death for Richard Falke ? Gunnar
  7. Hi Some sources like German loss lists and Kriegsräbefürsorge states that Karl Thom was born 18.05.1893 in Neudeck, Rosenberg. However it is not far away from Freystadt. I have not checked his BAMA file. He ended up as Oberstlt at the time of his death. btw, while my time in BAMA Freiburg I have seen more then 10 award (or abschriften) documents for Hohx3, but I have not made copies of these. Gunnar
  8. Oskar Bornheim do have an BAMA file which might give added info on his flying career. PERS 6/229641 He also have an file in BA Berlin. R 9361-II/101391 Gunnar
  9. Hi Karl Morgenschweis have like five files on ancestry.de among KRLs. They say he was promoted Lt dR o/p 27.03.1916, later on 04.07.1918 he got a Patent 23.06.1914. They also says he got BMVO4bms on 04.12.1916, EKI 03.07.1917, VwAbz(mattweiß as wounded three times) on 21.10.1918. He also have two files in BA Berlin. Gunnar
  10. Hi again Oops I mentioned PiB 26 two times 🙃, the first should be PiB 18 as you mentioned. If you read the MWB for Febr 1913, you can see that Wilhelm Grade was transferred as Kp leader in PiB 26 to Fliegertruppe. At moment I dont have the date when he joined PiB 26. The Fliegertruppe did not yet had created Kompanien, instead it was called Stationen. Later in autumn of 1913 basically all Flieger Stationen were changed into Kompanien (three for each Flieger Bataillon). Gunnar
  11. Hi Deutschritter Some minor further info: PiB 26,PiB 4, PiB 26, FlgSt Döberitz, FlgSt Döberitz II, FB 1/2, FB 1 stab before BOW. Lt 180896, Oblt 270107, Hptm ern. 180811, Hptm 011012, Major 181018, abschied 100919 He died 06.03.1954 in Berlin. He was not in FFA 19 during the War. I "still" recommend that you get access to ancestry.de where you can find the info mentioned above and lots of more info. First three months free which you need to learn how to search etc. Then 10 Teuro each months, it is equivalent to two large Beers Wilhelm Grade does not have any known files in BAMA Freiburg or BA Berlin. Have you asked the archivarian of the Grade Museum south of Berlin ?, they might have info on Wilhelm.. Mvh Gunnar
  12. Hi His Bama file mentioned the following awards during WW1, EKII 13.10.1914, EKI 04.03.1915, BeoAbz 22.07.1916, FzAbz 27.05.1917 and Hohx 01.10.1917. He also received EB and vwAbz but they are not mentioned in the file. Gunnar
  13. Hi Reinhold Boehm (apparently correct spelling according to several sources) do have two files in Landesarchiv Karlsruhe. They might give added info on his post War service as well what he was doing during WW1. He does not have any BAMA file. His family file on ancestry.de gives good overall info about his living throughout his life. It also indicates that he was testflyer for Albatros Werken and Fluglehrer during WW1. I have diffucult to find him in my unit files as there too many Boehm/Böhm. So at moment I dont have any frontline units for him. Gunnar
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