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    Here we have an ordensspange consisting of official, and less official, medals which were awarded to a Bavarian soldier of Königlich Bayerische 12. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Arnulf. It consists of:


    * Iron Cross II Class

    * 1914-1918 Hindenburg Medal

    * 1814-1914 12 Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment Medal

    * 1813-1913 Major v. Lutzow Medal




    The reverse:




    Other than being a Bavarian, all that can be deduced by this medal group is that he was a pre-war serving soldier (c.1913) who survived until at least 1933.


    Interestingly, the medal ribbons for the latter two medals are "borrowed" from other veteran associations medals, making the group a little unique. Below I have included a photo of the 1813-1913 Major v. Lutzow Medal for closer examination.




    Below is a photo of the 1814-1914 12 Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment Medal for closer examination.




    12 Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment:1814-1914


    The Regiment formed in Wurzburg in 1814 and fought during the 1815 Campaign against France. During the 1866 War Bavaria famously sided with Austria, losing to Prussia, later fighting alongside Prussia during the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War.



    Kaisheim Guard Command, 1913


    12 Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment: 1914-1918


    The Regiment served exclusively on the Western Front during the Great War.


    More detail can be read at: Königlich Bayerisches 12. Infanterie-Regiment „Prinz Arnulf“ – Wikipedia 


    12 Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment: 1919-1921


    Following the Armistice, remnants of the regiment returned to Bavaria (only 193 of the 3,400 original men of the regiment survived). The regiment was demobilised at Neu-Ulm, however, elements joined the Graf Security Battalion of the Freikorps on n1 March 1919. It comprised of four companies, and from May included an additional MG company. 


    The former regimental staff from Königlich Bayerische 12. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Arnulf formed the staff of Freikorps Wolf in April 1919. The rest of the formation formed in June, alongside 1 Battalion, Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 43. In August 1921 11 Company, 19 (Bavaran) Infantry Regiment took over Königlich Bayerische 12. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Arnulf.


    Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any feedback!

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    1 hour ago, Chris Boonzaier said:

    Very interesting! I have a side collection of documents, Photos, awards to the 12th bavarian Inf regt.... have never seen the 100 Year medal mounted on a bar!

    That must make good reading! :)


    It struck me when I saw it; the owner must have really put in the time to do this. 

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