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    Pink & White....sure looks like a Brazil Imperial Order of the Rose but maybe here representing a Hesse-Darmstadt award c. f. Distinguished Service Kriegsehrenzeichen 1916-18, War Aid medal, Ehrenzeichen für Kriegsfürsorge  1916-18, Military Medical Cross (Militär-Sanitäts-Kreuz--metallic silver stripes), 1914 or Long Service Award.  All have a darker red color value and slightly different proportions.  


    Another German State possibility escapes recollection for the moment.  

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    I vote for the Kriegsehrenzeichen 1916-18 or Ehrenzeichen für Kriegsfürsorge with the colours faded. The Order of the Rose is possible, though not very likely, the Order of St. Hermenegild is practically excluded, as it was conferred only to Spanish forces officers for long service.

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    Gents, thanks for the helpful responses. I'm inclined to go with the Ehrenzeichen für Kriegsfürsorge  1916-18 as the most likely culprit. Interestingly, when I peeled back the ribbon, thinking it would reveal the unfaded colour it was still pink! If nobody minds I've got two other items I've struggled to ID.



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