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    Princess Margarethe of Prussia - later Landgräfin von Hessen Kassel

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    Dear forumites,


    Margarethe was the sister of Kaiser II and the daughter of Fredrich III. She was later the wife of Landgraph Friedrich Karl of Hessen. Here below you can view a picture of her, quite faded, wearing the uniform of Füsilier Regiment von Gersdorff (Kurhessisches) Nr. 80.

    Now my question is: what kind of decorations does she wear on medal bar on the uniform of Commander in Chief (Oberst) of the above mentioned Prussian regiment?


    Thanks in advance for your much appreciated inputs and information.









    Füsilier-Regiment von Gersdorff 2.jpg

    HH_M15 Offiziersrock im Füs Regt von Gersdorff (Kurhessisches) Nr. 80, Massanfertigung.jpeg

    Offiziersstickereien preussischer Infanterie-Regimenter.jpg

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    What I can see on the bar:

    1. Luisen-Orden 1st Class awarded April 22nd 1882 https://www.heraldik-wiki.de/wiki/Louisenorden
    2. Goldene Hochzeitsmedaille 1879
    3. Zentenarmedaille 1897, Wilhelm I der Große 1797-1897
    4. ??? - Dynastische Erinnerungsmedaille mit Brillanten (evtl von GB)
    5. ???
    6.  Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Medal

    Any opinions? 







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