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    is it possible to identify recipients of  Soviet orders from their serial numbers from any  easily accessible resources that do not involve going into Archives?

    I do not speak or read Russian which cuts out my accessing resources in the Russian language .

    I am interested in identifying the recipients of the following

    Order of the Red Banner : # 136619

       "       "     "     "        "       : #201253

       "       "     "     "         "  of Labour : #293473

       "       "     " Patriotic war 1st Class : 294533

       "       "     Glory 3rd Class : # 115895 

    Honoured Railroad Empleyee: # 114962 

    Can any member possibly assist please 

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    No, the determination of the cavalier by the number of the award is only through access to the archives (which is problematic) and is paid. Unless it's a random chance to find open information about your order.

    The Order of the Red Banner 201*** will not get through unambiguously, but these numbers fall on the seniority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, most likely, the badge was awarded in Moscow.


    "Honorary Railwayman" will not get through in any way.

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    The Order of the Red Banner #201253 has turned out to have been awarded to ALESHIN, Andrei Nikolaevitch , a Major in the NKVD , on 15-1-1945

    Apparently a long service award

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    ORB # 136619 is very likely to be bestowed to a Belorussian partisan in August 1944.

    OPW1 # 294533 is most likely NKVD range and unresearchable (at least the chances are small).

    OGIII # 115895 was awarded app. mid 1944. 

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    OG III # 115895 was part of a block (115301-117300) and was Issued according to the Act to Capt. Savchenko D.P., 2nd Baltic Front on the 03.08.1944 and possibly to the 3rd Army for issue to units that formed the 2nd Baltic Front






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    addition information
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    Thank you to Egorka and Cazack for your responses and the information provided

    The information that I have obtained via a paid researcher is that Order of Gory III # 115895 was awarded to EREMIN , Fedor Semenovitch 

    The same researcher has advised that there is no information available for ORB 136619 and OPW1 294533

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