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    ALESHIN, Andrei Nikolaevitch , Major NKVD , Order Red Banner 15-1-45

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    I have this recipient's  ( born 1902 ) Order of the Red Banner ( for long service ; awarded 15-1-45 ) and a copy of his Award Record Card and have been advised that a citation will probably be unfindable due to the NKVD affiliation 

    I am interested in obtaining  more information about him but am limited by not being able to read Russian and not being acquainted with Russian information resources 

    A google search brought up a reference to a publication by three authors ( MOSIAKIN, I , ALESHIN , AN and KABANOV VV )in the 1990s relating to the 1937-8 period but the publication date seems rather late for a person born in 1902 to have been one of the authors

    Can anyone kindly  assist with any additional information and/ or references ?


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    If you post a picture of the record card i can take a look for you.


    It's worth bearing in mind that Long Service awards wouldnt have citations online anyway.


    but yeah, send a pic of the record card and i'll see what i can dig up

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    Thank you Red October 

    I do not have the know how to post the record card onto this site 

    I have it in an email with attachment from a researcher and can forward it to you ( and also anyone else interested ) if provided with an email address to which to send it 

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    • 2 weeks later...

    You have the correct no Egorka

    I can copy the award card to you and anyone else interested if given an email address to which to send.

    I do not have the know how to post it online

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