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    Hello gentlemen ,

    have seen an interesting SS badge.
    Neither the internet nor anyone else could help me with the determination so far.
    Possibly someone here knows such a badge.
    Would be grateful for any information.
    Show therefore only a retouched picture.




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    Hm, to be honest I am allways a little suspicious, when it comes to this. Pieces with the SS Runes on it, do have a special fascination to many people, so there are many modern fakes around to spoil people. The M-Rune, which stand for Man could of course mean manhood and all what this stands for: brave, loyal, true, fierce fighter, ... But it might be due to the bad photo I think I see a cast and if so, this is a modern product and has nothing to do with the NS-Regime and the years of the Third Reich. 

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    • 4 weeks later...

    Whatever the actual purpose or even organization that stood behind those pieces was- they seem to be period made. Over the years I have seen them in various stages of production- even so called 'first strike' (not separated from its flash or 'background metal' if that makes sense). That would point towards them being either prototypes or simply unfinished pieces that for one reason or another never made to the mass production stage. Not entirely unusual or unheard of.


    They exist in the usual metals- tombak and zinc but also in silver and in two different strikes (minute details differ). Because of their SS annotation, they tend to be rejected by most in the collectors community, since the SS field is probably the most prone to fakes production.


    IMO, another period piece of which its purpose is yet to be discovered.

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