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    On 17/11/2023 at 23:14, Jock Auld said:

    Hucks, more house clearance stuff, the medals were there but way too expensive. When I came back to him someone had bought the medals and left the pictures? Bit odd?



    I'm never surprised what people do and do not collect. I've seen people buy groups of citations, keep the Ostmedaille citation and then sell the remainder and others who buy Soldbücher just to keep the front cover with the photo and sell the coverless Soldbuch.

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    True, each to their own and at the end of the day, we can't change it? I am slowly getting more time now and I am trying to get out and about more again. Sadly a lot of the old boys here have died and I need to discover either new sources or get on the ground more. I made it to 55 so my pension doubled nearly, Shop is going well now after Covid although it did slow to a near stop. It is a good job we bought the place, so no extra overheads. Lots of small businesses are dying here in Germany at the moment. We are in recession and with a more than useless Government. I do worry for the future and our grandkids in general, be that here or UK/EU.  Hope you and your are well and do well in the coming year.

    Best Rich

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