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    3 Belgian medals; un-official remembrance medal, work merit medal, EU Peace mission?

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    Dear all,


    3 new Belgian medals arrived in my collection, which I am not familiar with.

    Maybe someone can assist.


    1st Medal:

    Patriae Salvatores

    Honneur et Devoir



    -          Likely an un-official remembrance medal, but I cannot find the abbreviation A.N.R.C. online.

    Which organization is this?


    2nd Medal:

    Travail Belgique – Merite

    Arbeid Belgie – Verdienste

    -          I am aware of the Laureaten van de arbeid, the Eredekens and the Eretekens van de arbeid, but I have not seen this “Verdienste” medal before. Is it an official medal?


    3rd Medal:

    My guess is a Belgian medal for veterans of an EU Peace mission?


    Thank you for your time.





    Belgian Medals_Klein 1.jpg

    Belgian Medals_Klein.jpg

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    I have no idea what they stand for but none are official medals. That is for sure.

    First two have ribbon for the 1870-1871 medal which is an official medal.



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    Info I found on the 3rd medal.


    FRME / KFMB (French: Fédération Royale des Militaires à l’Étranger / Dutch: Koninklijke Verbroedering der Militairen in het Buitenland).


    Link: https://frme-namur.be/devenir-membre/#1587883755884-31dbfd48-31c8


    Awarded to members who served in the Belgian Army stationed in Germany (FBA / BSD) for a minimum of one year between 1995 and 2005.


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    Posted (edited)

    @Werner; yes agree, non governmental issued medals. But medals issued by organizations can be interesting as well. At least to me.


    @VC89; thank you for identifying this piece. Nice item! Although issued by an organization, the medal is acknowledged by the Ministry of Defense. 





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    The first one I believe is Association nationale des Resistants combattants and is one of 3 versions of medals/crosses. Below are the other 2 versions I am aware of. These are the ribbons I have attached but I do not know they are all correct.

    Belgium-National Association of Resistance Fighters(3)-O-E80.jpg

    Belgium-National Association of Resistance Fighters(3)-R.jpg

    Belgium-National Association of Resistance Fighters(1)-O-E32.JPG

    Belgium-National Association of Resistance Fighters(1)-R.JPG

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    @Shots Dave; thank you for the input. Association Nationale des Résistants-Combattants makes sense for the abbreviation A.N.R.C.. Info on the internet is however limited on a Belgian organization with this name.

    National colors as a ribbon for a Veteran organization is not un-common, so I believe correct. And both yours as mine have them.



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    • 4 weeks later...

    About the first medal: have this info in my documentation files. Have the last medal in my collection with another ribbon.

    kind regards,



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