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    In Spain, a medal was created in 1814 called “of military prisoners” that over time also rewarded other circumstances such as being wounded in combat, wounded or injured in peacetime, prisoners of war or relatives of those who died or disappeared in campaign or captivity.
    I am interested in knowing from the current 32 NATO countries if there are similar medals or badges (strips, chevrons or others).

    I do have news about some of them, such as Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the United States or Norway, but in any case I am interested in good images (front and back) with a view to making a chapter of a book.

    Unfortunately, this Spanish medal disappeared from the award system in 1989, although currently the Cross of Military Merit with a yellow badge serves for this purpose.

    Thank you


    The spanish medal




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    Sounds like a fascinating project, Antonio.


    Off the top of my head, France has the "Insigne des blessés militaires" - instituted 11 Decemeber 1916 as a ribbon only award consisting of a small red star on a white, blue, yellow, and red ribbon. That's only worn until a campaign medal is issued for the campaign in which the wound was received, then the star should be pinned to that ribbon instead. However, unofficial "wound medals" are popular and even tolerated in uniform... and 100 years after it was instituted - 17 August 2016 - the French created a War Wounded Medal using the same ribbon, with the medal being a red-enamelled star in a gold wreath of oak and laurel leaves.


    Got a stack of marking to do but I shall ferret around some more... only 31 more countries to go! Or 30, seeing as you have already attended to the Spanish one!

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    Belgium has several awards for prisoners of war, escapers, and those who got deported, interned, or forced into labour camps during occupation... but no "enemy marksmanship" awards for wounds sustained in combat (there is one for civilians injured by enemy action....).


    Come to think of it, the French had a medal for escaped prisoners of war too.


    I do have images of most of these, I'll dig out the high quality ones for you to use in your book. (I also have the French escapers' medal somewhere, picked that up when I still collected 'things' rather than information!).

    Quck question, Antonio - are you interested in wounded/killed/imprisoned awards in general or just those which are still available for award right now?


    A lot of the Belgium stuff is tied specifically to the World Wars.

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    The interest is only for comparison purposes with the aforementioned Spanish medal that was used for prisoners, wounded, deceased and their families.
    And not so much in past times where several countries did have these medals or badges for the conflicts of the 19th century, but for the current countries that are part of NATO.

    These are the first more or less confirmed
    From some countries like Belgium I already have confirmation that they currently DO NOT have this type of award. I'm still searching for others










    Награден знак "За пострадалите във военен конфликт, мисия и операция"


    The Sacrifice Medal / Médaille du Sacrifice

    República Checa

    Medaile Za zranìní




    Forsvarets medalje for Sårede i Tjeneste


    Forsvarets medalje for Faldne i Tjeneste

    Estados Unidos

    Purple Heart






    Cruz del Mérito Militar distintivo amarillo




    Sotainvalidien ansioristi


    Médaille des blessés de guerre


    Μετάλλιο Εξόχου Πράξεως


    Sebesülési Emlékérem




    Distintivi d’Onore






    Insigne de blessé

    Macedonia del Norte





    Forsvarets medalje for falne i strid


    Forsvarets medalje for sårede i strid

    Países Bajos

    Draaginsigne Gewonden


    Wojskowa odznaka „Za Rany i Kontuzje”


    Medalha dos feridos en campanha

    Reino Unido





    Försvarsmaktens medalj för sårade i strid



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    Sweden: Defence Forces Medal for Wounded in Battle (Försvarsmaktens medalj för sårade i strid). Instituted on 25 March 2011 and awarded in two classes - silver to armed forces personnel injured in combat, gold awarded posthumously to thoe who are killed. The ribbon is red and black - symbolising blood (red) and sadness (black) - the medal's obverse displays a broken sword surrounded by a laurel wreath, and the three crowns of Sweden, the reverse is inscribed FÖR SVERIGE  MED LIVET SOM INSATS.



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    Best wishes for your mission.🍻


    …just a thought.

    If I may be cynical, I suspect issuing medals acknowledging losses during ‘peacetime’ became a political inconvenience.

    Many soldiers serving (undeclared) under the NATO umbrella will have lost their lives or health in Ukraine for example.


    Politicians will always put themselves before the recognition of the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families.


    tony 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧


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    Germany no longer issues a "Wound Badge" (Verwundetenabzeichen) - the last was the 1957 "De-Nazification" of Wound Badges issued during WW2 (apart from those awarded during the Spanish Civil War, which were not permitted to be worn in any form!).


    Czech Republic: Wound Medal (Medaile Za zranìní), instituted on 16 December 1996.





    Edited by Megan
    Added institution date of the Czech Wound Medal
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    Thank you

    For the german badge I found this notice of 2019


    Google translator say:

    Recognizing German soldiers' willingness to make sacrifices - introducing one Wounded badge in the German Bundeswehr
    The Bundestag wants to decide:
    I. The German Bundestag states:
    The soldier's profession is fundamentally different from other professions in our society. Soldiers are obliged to protect their physical and mental integrity, and ultimately their lives, in defense of the Federal Republic to use Germany. For their part, the government and parliament are obliged to do this special operational readiness through comprehensive medical and material support To ensure care if soldiers are wounded or killed. Furthermore, must it will become an obligation for the German Bundestag to prevent injuries and deaths Members of the Bundeswehr should also be given appropriate symbolic recognition.
    Awards and honors are an integral part of military culture Tradition. With military awards, the state and society honor the performance and commitment of their soldiers. Orders, medals and badges also externally recognize military achievements and sacrifices made visible.
    The Bundeswehr has been controlled by the German Bundestag for almost three decades sent on foreign assignments. The ISAF and Resolute Support operations in Afghanistan From 2002 to 2018, for example, 56 German soldiers died and 125 were wounded....

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