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    This ribbon bar is part of a group of ribbon bars I just picked up, and I've got some questions for the experts:


    #2 - Is a RAO with swords legit on that ribbon?  

    #6 - Bulgarian St. Alexander?

    #7 - Any thoughts as to what this might represent?  Something foreign, I presume, but what would make the most sense?



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    Got the bar in hand, and had a chance to examine it closer: 


    The backing material is a dark navy blue, not black.


    I'm still not absolutely sure on #2.  Peeking back behind the backing behind it's just a teensy bit more blue behind the backing.  If it's a faded Hessian blue, it must have been a particularly unstable dye, given the comparative level of fading on everything else.  It's faint enough that it could conceivably be dye transfer from the backing. The stripes are much closer to the red on a normal Hessian decoration than they are the orange of a RAO.  Looking at the swords through a loupe, and they appear to be the same design as the other two.  I doubt they were a later addition.


    The red on #7 is distinctly different than that on #2, just a hair more magenta.  It's pretty close to the shade of red in the stripes of some of the 1908 Jubilee medals.  Who would have been in a position to have it and the Prussian 1897?  Was Franz Joseph the honorary colonel of any Prussian units?

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