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  1. @1812 OvertureThe reason he was awarded the Austrian Maltese Order was because, as evident by IR 91’s commander, Ernst von Höhnhorst, and his adjutant, Gert von Pflugradt both being awarded the Austrian Militarverdienstkreuz. Austria awarded many decorations to many German soldiers and officers that fought with them, and this man, who was ostensibly a Catholic, was awarded the Austrian Maltese Order during his time fighting in Galicia and part of Romania during the war.
  2. @1812 Overture This is because, from the 25th of April 1915 to the 26 of September 1915 IR 91 fought on the eastern front along side: k.u.k IR “Kaiser Leopold II” Nr. 31 k.u.k IR “Nikolaus I. König von Montenegro” Nr. 55 k.u.k IR “Ludwig III. König von Bayern” Nr. 62 k.u.k IR “Ritter von Auffenberg” Nr. 64 and k.u.k IR “von Rummer” Nr. 98
  3. According to the Oldenburg Hof und staatshandbuch 18 of the 21 individuals awarded the 1870 medal where: Karl von Wedel Friedrich von Bülow Franz von Witte Johann Heinrich von Voß Johann August Wilhelm Haase Ernst Eduard Friedrich Emil Brandt Heinrich Johann Friedrich Vößer Johann Heinrich Diedrich Vernhalm August Venedierts Gustav Knorp Heinrich Friedrich von Gösseln oder Göffeln Josef Wilhelm Corssen Anton Diedrich Gerhard Heinrich Bünning Heinrich August Mehnen Gerhard Friedrich Günther Tansen and one to go to the collection of Höhn Police officer in Weisbaden According to Beyreiss, the statement that this medal was only awarded to civilians is incorrect. and yes, the ribbons for the two medal are the exact same
  4. @Deutschritter, My understanding of why he was awarded it was due to his position in the Prussian army in 1870, and being a native of Oldenburg, would have made a good candidate to award. And no, civilians were not just awarded this, from my recollection only a single digit amount of awards were civilian.
  5. A little bit I would like to add is, von Wedel was also one of just 21 people awarded the Oldenburg Einnerungsmedaille 1870/71
  6. @BlackcowboyBS No, more so original and authentic pieces that had been put together, not so much being modern productions, just being an amalgamation of awards.
  7. @KomturDo you think this could beg the question that this could possibly be an early example of a “Frankenstein” bar? The missing schleife, the worn Kronen Orden IV klasse, the post-1918 HOH, and, possibly the weakest of the evidence, the awards being in silver gilt.
  8. @David M The man with Prinz Joachim is Major Siegfried Graf zu Eulenburg - Regimentskommandeure of the 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß from the 6th of November 1916 to the 11th of December 1918
  9. Huh, I wonder why Knesebeck didnt serve in the 1866 campaign against Austria. Or at least he decided not to wear this medal
  10. Hello all, I am in search for some original ribbon for the Austrian Verdienstkreuz des Malteserordens as exemplified by an example from @Claudio’s collection: I have searched the OMSA ribbon bank and have been unsuccessful but undeterred. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.
  11. @ClaudioIt’s almost embarrassing to say! I found it while doing research into Achim von Arnim and I somehow came across this photo and almost nonchalantly said to myself: that’s von Hütier! Not sure when it was taken, or even where, but here’s the rest of the photo: I had to compress the photo, however I have the full resolution photo if you’d like.
  12. Came across this photo and I thought no better time than the present to add it!
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