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    Help understanding the various Braunschweigischer medals, especially Orden Heinrich Des Löwenhren 2nd Klass

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    I was reading a regimental history and there was mention of a troop review during which many Braunschweiger troops received medals.  As I understand it, the troops were receiving Braun. Service Crosses, but when the fellow writing this part of the history was about to receive his medal, they had to open a new package and it was Braun. Orden of Henrich des Löwen, which "was a little too much for a non-commissioned officer."  I would like to understand the difference between these two, but I when I try, the result is even greater confusion (admittedly pretty easy for me!) because there appears to be two Henrich des Lowen medals, 2nd class -- there is simple round medal and another that is a cross.  Any help in understanding would be greatly appreciated.  Most sincere thanks in advance. 

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    For the Brunswick orders and decorations you can visit this page where the individual orders are presented.




    For soldiers and non-commissioned officers only

    Order of Henry the Lion Cross of Merit 1st class and 2nd class
    Order of Henry the Lion Medal of Honor 1st Class and 2nd Class


    For officers only
    Order of Henry the Lion Knight 1st and 2nd and higher

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    These are all very beautiful awards, even the lower grade crosses and medals. I used to have every one cased and in the outer cardboard boxes. They all came from Detlev Nieman years ago. And you can’t argue with the beauty of the RKs either!

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