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    GdI Constant Freiherr von Quadt und Hüchtenbruck (1781-1868)

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    Gentlemen, does anyone have a picture of Karl Ludwig Friedrich Constant Freiherr von Quadt und Hüchtenbruck, Knight of the Iron Cross (1813), 2nd and 1st Class. I would also love to have his promotion dates. Thanks! 

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    Moring Andreas,


    unfortunately his portrait in Priesdorff is in even poorer quality than the one in the regimental history reproduced below.




    I have attached his biography from the Offizier-Stammliste of 2.GRzF.






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    Thanks so much, Glenn and GreyC. Wikipedia has several promotion dates wrong, they even had him retiring in 1846, I corrected that to 1849 yesterday. Oh well, Glenn, I am happy to see any picture of him ... so great thanks for that! Here is what I have put together (any additions would be great):


    1 March 1792 Junker (Dutch Officer Candidate)

    25 April 1793 Fähnrich (Dutch Officer Cadet)

    28 October 1798 Fähnrich (Prussian Officer Cadet)

    8 January 1803 Seconde-Lieutenant (2nd Lieutenant) with Patent from 4 January 1803

    4 December 1810 Premier-Lieutenant (1st Lieutenant)

    2 October 1811 Stabs-Capitän (Staff Captain)

    8 February 1813 Capitän (Captain)

    2 August 1813 Major without Patent (aggregated)

    ... Patent received on 13 October 1813

    28 October 1815 Oberst-Lieutenant (Lieutenant Colonel)

    30 March 1823 Oberst (Colonel) with Patent from 5 April 1823

    30 March 1834 Generalmajor (Major General)

    7 April 1842 General-Lieutenant (Lieutenant General)

    6 June 1849 Charakter als General der Infanterie (Honorary General of the Infantry)


    Iron Cross (1813), 2nd and 1st Class

    ... 2nd Class; As a special honour, he was named Senior of the Iron Cross, 2nd Class by the King of Prussia on 8 November 1841

    ... 1st Class on 9 April 1814 for the Battle of Paris (1814)

    Prussian War Memorial Medal for the Wars of Liberation (Kriegsdenkmünze für die Befreiungskriege)

    Imperial Russian Order of St. George, 4th Class (RG4)

    Red Eagle Order (Roter Adlerorden), 3rd Class (PRAO3/PrA3)

    ... later classified as 3rd Class with the Bow

    Prussian Long Service Cross for 25 years (Königlich Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz; DA)

    Knight of the Johanniter Order (Johanniterorden)

    ... classified as Knight of Honour (Ehrenritter) on 15 October 1852

    ... Knight of Justice (Rechtsritter) in 1854

    Russian Order of Saint Anna (St.-Annen-Orden), II. Class with the Crown (RA2mKr)

    Imperial Russian Sankt-Stanislaus-Orden, I. Class (RSt1) on 26 November 1834

    Red Eagle Order, 2nd Class with Oak Leaves

    Russian Order of Saint Anna (St.-Annen-Orden), I. Class (RA1)

    Star to his Red Eagle Order 2nd Class with Oak Leaves

    Diamonds to his Russian Order of Saint Anna (St.-Annen-Orden) I. Class (RA1mBr) on 26 September 1843

    Red Eagle Order, 1st Class with Oak Leaves

    Diamonds to his Red Eagle Order 1st Class with Oak Leaves on 26 April 1846

    Commemorative War Medal 1863 for Combatants from 1813–1815 (Erinnerungs-Kriegs-Denkmünze)

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