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    Dont know if this has come up. But just saw this on ebay.


    Terrible workmenship but newbies may think there getting a deal..I kind of like the stylized lion/dragon head.


    Hallo George :beer:

    the "swaz" is about face as well :P Nearly all so called Japanese Military swords and Samuri swords on Ebay are very cheap and nasty copies out of China, but idiots still insist on buying them :banger:

    The chinese must be laughing all the way to the bank. :lol:

    Kevin A. Ryan :beer:

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    • 1 month later...

    Hey, that is the rare TR Chinese colonial officers sword with the foo dog hilt. :angry:

    Dan Murphy

    Old Chinese trick for aging steel, bronze and brass. Put it in the ground or barrel with Human waste. After a few months, what you get is a very aged weapon or antique with a very beleivable patina.

    You mean "If the Foo shits, wear it"?

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