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    Thanks for your answer. I think I should wait until it has arrived. Then I will make better pics from all sides and can check it for any stamps, try how it works etc.

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    That is an old time 1800's-early 1900's womans curling iron. It was heated and then the woman wrapped her hair around the round part and closes the other side to press the curl in her hair. :rolleyes::blush: And with a lot of luck she would then look like the photo of the woman above. :lol: Strange cooker, yes. WW1? I don't think so.

    Dan Murphy

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    hahaha Can't stop. Theodor, how did you identify it?

    A fellow has several of these at his junk shop :lol: At first, not seeing the upper part, I also thought - either a trench heater, or medical... but not - he pointed to the scissor-like thing that I had not noticed and told me that grand-ladies have always existed :lol:

    /if you are asking this - no! I do not use such a device... I have an electrical one... :lol::cheers: /

    Edited by Theodor
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