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  1. Now, I've got some updates in my general's epaulettes collection: I've received a pair of shoulder boards for the everyday uniform (unfortunately not related) and a brown pair of slip-ons also for the everyday uniform. All the epaulettes are still in use.
  2. Hola Malfeasant, bienvenido! The shown patch is one of the first patches of the Policía Nacional Revolucionaria. That's why PNR is standing above the coat of arms. Unterneath of it stands "Cuba". The another two words I can't read, but I suppose there is written Comandancia General (main headquarters). This patches were used until the end of the 1960s. Is it possible to show the uniform? Here you can see the (it's of my collection):
  3. Hello Jim, this belts are definitely Cuban, but soviet made. Some better pics you will find here. Scroll down to "belt". Unfortunately I hadn't a chance to write down the descricption in english and spanish. So it is only in german.This types of belts were produced in the factory for leather goods in Minks (Belorussian Soviet Republic).
  4. That's a typical cap of the Cuban army in the 1950s. In its design it was similar to the US-american army caps.
  5. It's a very interesting piece. Never saw a Cuban Pickelhaube. It must be from the early 20th century. But I can't imagine that this headgear was official used in the armed forces (the coat of arms is of the army). Unfortunately some parts are missing.
  6. Cuba Honor Guard triangular multi-colored embroidered patch!

    Cuba Honor Guard.jpg

  7. UP-DATED ("clearer") photograph!

    Cuba Police Call Box.jpg

  8. JUST sent you a P.M.!

    I have an EXTENSIVE collection of Cuba POLICE ("civilian" NOT military) metal badges and embroidered cloth patches some shields going back 100 years that I would like to display SOMEPLACE!

    Also looking for SPECIFIC photograph of a P.N.R. sign on a post, a police ceremonial unit patch and a cast iron door from the street police boxes!

    Cuba Political Police badge.jpg

    Cuba Police call-box.jpg

  9. You are absolutely right, Paul.
  10. Thank you Paul, today I've got a lette from Cuba of my main "source" with many good news for the next year (when I'll travel again to Cuba) I will try my best to find someting you are interested. The shoulder boards were made by the soviets. They are showing the letters: FAR (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias). Pictures of them, you find here.
  11. The shoulder boards are soviet, only the stars are cuban made. Until 1988 the Cubans used the same soviet shoulder boards, which were adapted how you've described. From 1988 until ca. the mid 90s, the Cubans used this shoulder boards too, but modified. They've cut the straps of the shoulder boards off and slided them on the straps of the new beige shirts, which are still in use. Here a picture of this modified shoulder boards on the new shirts, which were introduced in 1988. I could take some photos in the Army Museum of Dresden (ex East German Army museum of the NVA): And here a picture of a MININT uniform which is actually in use:
  12. You're welcome. No, this version was only in use from 1976 until 1988. I name this era "the soviet era" because in this time the Cubans used many soviet parts and equipment for their uniforms (for example the collar tabs, shoulder boards, green shirts etc.)
  13. Hi Paul, I hope this picture will it explain better than me in words.
  14. Yesterday my Coronel's service uniform of the Boarder Guards has been arrived from the USA. It's the same model like in the army. Only the buttons have a silver colour. The Cuban Boarder Guards belongs to the Ministry of the Interior. That's why the hat badge shows "MININT" - Ministerio del Interior. More pictures of it you'll find the next days on my site cuba-militaria.
  15. A few days ago my Cuban Battle Dress Unit of the 80s has been arrived from the UK. I've searched a long time for it. Now it is almost complete. I only need an olive drab cap. And here are the suitable soviet made laced combat boots: More pictures you'll find here. The english text will follow the next days.