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  1. Cuban airforce badges

    Hey guys, here an example of my Cuban DAAFAR badges. The DAAFAR uses three types of classifications badges: for navigators, for technicians and for pilots. They will award in five grades (Maestro - Primera - Segunda - Tercera - without title). Here the 3rd grade of all types. The last one is from the army/navy (for comparison):
  2. Badge identifications

    You're welcome amigo! Yes, it is very similar to the soviet one like all many other badges (for example for ground forces/marina or soldiers/service men). Why Ramiro wear such sub marine badge I do not know too.
  3. Cuban hat to be identified

    I can try to ask for it in Cuba next march. But it is a real mistery.
  4. Cuban hat to be identified

    I've never thought that INTUR used such uniforms. I only know the old INTUR-money for tourists in the 70s/80s. Can you make a foto of the interior or the hat?
  5. Cuban General's Insignia:

    So gentlemen, today my newest piece arrived me from the US of A: a general's peaked cap for gala uniform and service dress (ca. 1988 - early 90s). Here's is a reconstruction of an service dress of a general de brigada at the end of the 1980's. All pieces are 100 % cuban.
  6. Badge identifications

    Amigo, the shown badges are similiar to the Soviet Submarine Badge except the red star was removed and it was replaced with the cuban national coat of arms. Gold version is for comanders, silver for all another crewmen.
  7. Cuban hat to be identified

    Ciao amico! That's a very interesting peaked cap I've never seen before! Very, very nice! Well, as you guessed correctly it belongs to Instuto Nacional de Turismo (INTUR, engl. National Institute for Tourism). This peaked cap must be from the 1970s.
  8. Cuban General's Insignia:

    Thanks Paul. Well, I think it's difficult as for you. I think you need some luck to get them. I've got the luck to have a friend which has a belarusian friend who bought the shoulder boards and the winter jacket in Belarus for me and brought them to me. Today my second winter jacket of the 80s and combat boots arrived from Ukraine. So you will see I get my items from around the world: USA, Europe, Cuba etc. Unfortunately I have noticed, that some US sellers are really mercenary. They have fancy prices. The Cubans will say "Pa' la pinga"
  9. Hallo friends, here you see my new entrant of my collection: an officer's winter jacket for the battle dress unit of the 1980's. The jacket is absolutely new and unused.
  10. Cuban General's Insignia:

    Hello fellows, after a long time a short update: Here' are my new epaulettes of a Division General. They are absolutely unused and from the 1980's.
  11. Cuban General's Insignia:

    Now, I've got some updates in my general's epaulettes collection: I've received a pair of shoulder boards for the everyday uniform (unfortunately not related) and a brown pair of slip-ons also for the everyday uniform. All the epaulettes are still in use.
  12. Cuban army and police patches

    Hola Malfeasant, bienvenido! The shown patch is one of the first patches of the Policía Nacional Revolucionaria. That's why PNR is standing above the coat of arms. Unterneath of it stands "Cuba". The another two words I can't read, but I suppose there is written Comandancia General (main headquarters). This patches were used until the end of the 1960s. Is it possible to show the uniform? Here you can see the (it's of my collection):
  13. Cuban military belt buckle

    Hello Jim, this belts are definitely Cuban, but soviet made. Some better pics you will find here. Scroll down to "belt". Unfortunately I hadn't a chance to write down the descricption in english and spanish. So it is only in german.This types of belts were produced in the factory for leather goods in Minks (Belorussian Soviet Republic).
  14. Please Identify

    That's a typical cap of the Cuban army in the 1950s. In its design it was similar to the US-american army caps.
  15. Another Item to ID

    It's a very interesting piece. Never saw a Cuban Pickelhaube. It must be from the early 20th century. But I can't imagine that this headgear was official used in the armed forces (the coat of arms is of the army). Unfortunately some parts are missing.