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  1. I have still been unable to find a photograph of KLM officer. Surely, someone has one.
  2. Here are photos of the entire knife. The washer is leather although this is clearly a private purchase piece. I believe the scabbard is original to this knife as the leather handle loop is quite large compared to an average girth of a trench knife handle. The handles are made from horn. It is in very nice condition as can be seen in the photos. The only bayonet detail missing is the cleaning slots in the handle.
  3. Well the bull is actually a pig! Maker is reported to be Arnholdt Brouch.
  4. I just got this WWI German Ks98 style trench knife bayonet. It has the standard Imperial era blade with a large full size bayonet functional hilt. It is polished steel not nickel plated. I have not ever seen this manufacture's Bull logo. Can anyone shed any light on the manufacturer?
  5. I do not believe Minenwerfer troops had a specific bayonet knot. I would suspect they would wear the knot of the company they were affiliated with.
  6. All, The kSg98 was designated as a "Seitengewehr für Maschinengewehr Schützen". They were introduced in 1901 to coincide with the first five Machinengewehr-Abteilung (GMGA Nr.1 and MGA Nrs.1-4). They were intended for "prestige" units as they followed the pattern of the earlier Hirschfänger M71's distinctive eagle head pommel. The issue bayonets were produced by ERFURT, AMBERG, V.C.SCHILLING, C.G.HAENAL P.D.LÜNESCHLOSS and E&F HÖSTER. The last issue bayonets were made in 1915 (by ERFURT and E&F HÖSTER). Besides Maschinengewehr personnel, they were formally authorized for Colonial Troops, Airmen, Engineers, Communication, and Medical Personal. As noted earlier, private purchase versions of the kS98 and kSg98 were very popular with officers after 1916 when the wearing of swords was discontinued. These bayonets were made in many configurations and their variety seem to be limited only by the price the purchaser was willing to pay. They were also produced with black hilt fittings (black enamel or rust blueing) ostensibly for wear in the field. The most desirable of the lot was the model which actually had a carved eagle head hilt with red jeweled eyes, a cyphered grip and with an etched blade. WRT the nickeled issue bayonet posted by DARON. In my opinion one cannot deduce any Colonial Troop use without the presence of any Regimental Markings related to Colonial Troops. These would be K.S. (most prolific), P.T.K., P.T., S.K., Sch.K., or Sch.D.O.A..
  7. I would encourage everyone who does not have Peter's book to contact Kornel R. and pursue getting one. I have used my copy extensively since getting it from Peter in 1993. Darn that is over 20 years!!!! Where the heck does the time go?
  8. The last I heard Peter Meinlschmidt was living in Poland.
  9. Chip, Sadly they were ALL real!!! A well known German collector had them. I had just purchased an Imperial German occupation assembled Bergmann-Bayard 1910. The price for the group was $5K and it was a bridge too far. Jeff
  10. Here is a drouler. Had a chance to buy this set at Show of Shows last February but passed for reasons I am still trying to understand???? It was not cheap but I will probably never have a chance to buy some of these knots again! The colors were brighter in person.
  11. Chip, Bayonets, frogs and knots have been a focus of my collection for ever. I have many knots and they have been an interest for some time. Here is a private purchase knot I cannot identify. It could be an Imperial gardener's? What do you guys think? I is a small knot. One I classify for a trench knife or similar (you can see its size as it is on a trench knife).
  12. Chip, Absolutely no offense taken. I freely admit that the enlisted company private purchase knots are my least favorite and frankly I don't even look at them anymore. I do have a bunch and try to find them in the wartime configuration with gray tassels and strap, not easy. BTW the wartime 10th company (Y-R-Y) in nice condition has eluded me. If anyone has an extra please contact me. The only knot in the photo I have put on a bayonet is the 7th company w/the tied tassels so the rest would be available.
  13. Here are some wartime issue Kompagnie knots I bought at Show-of-Shows last February. I am not sure I see many knots changing hands for $50 anymore. I paid $300 for my nice issue Jaeger knot a couple of years ago.