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  1. Hello, here a new picture after cleaning the set. Regards, wolfsbur
  2. Hallo Heiko, habe dir zu Bild Nr. 15 eine PN geschickt, Gruss, Thorsten
  3. Thank you both! Yes, the price was very good. I was lucky.
  4. Hello, a few days ago I became this little group in a picture frame. A document from the Schutztruppe Bug and the Bug-Stern/Bug-star. It was dirty in the frame, so I opened it and cleaned the document and the star. Here are the pictures. Regards, wolfsbur
  5. Hello, I´ve never heart it, too. But, have a look here: http://www.dbjustr.de/index.php?site=home It seems to be original, but in my opinion, it`s not from a freikorps. Greets, Thorsten
  6. Hello Andreas, I´ve never seen such a document, too. VERY NICE! Thanks for showing and best regards, Thorsten
  7. A group from a brave soldier, fighter of upper silesia and firefighter. Thorsten
  8. Hello, from my collection of Schlesische Adler. Thorsten
  9. Hello Andreas, a very nice item. I´m a little bit jealous. Greets, Thorsten