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  1. Paintings

    Wall space is what I am missing. Most are stacked away, like books in a library. Only the one's I like the most are exposed. A other painter I like a lot and started collecting is Felix Sauter. Sorry about the dancer in front...!
  2. from the same place as the globes, I got these two paintings. In fact only one was mentioned and showed in the catalog, the other one came with the same lot, but was not photographed. But I do like it even more then the marine.
  3. Thanks for your message, Guy! Would you happen to have examples, please? It is ok Guy, I found some due to your message!
  4. I have never seen this one before, can you help me!? cheers Kris
  5. Strange St Helena medal

    Thank you,glad you like it.
  6. Strange St Helena medal

    got this on in yesterday from a house cleaning, never saw anything alike... Don't know how the eagle is fixed, yet.... I'll make better pic's today in the day light.
  7. Strange St Helena medal

    This medal came out of the woodwork and never has been in collectors hands, before me. So I assume it is perfectly authentic. The lightning bolts are assembled and not cast. And the eagle is fixed by two pin's into the medal edge and weld (or soldered). I like it a lot, although we will never know the reason ... But it will fit nicely into the collection;
  8. WW1 Commemorative piece

    I know, "been there" as well. I used to cast as well, not as talented as you, I used existing pieces I could lay hand on. I know the mind game very well of thinking in the opposite way, in order to deliver a good die. No second chance during the process! I did mantel pieces, gargoyls, and so on....
  9. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Very nice indeed! I do understand why they come in 3 parts, very well!
  10. Paintings

    I gave up long ago trying to understand things like that... A friend of mins pimped it up, or should I says "chimped it up"; Anyway , glad you like it! Here is a smaller one on panel I just missed (over bid!)a few minutes ago...
  11. On sale on a French forum for 80 euro.(not by me!!)
  12. porcelain figurines

    Thank you! No idea if they are Schliepstein... All I could find, is that the makers mark was used from 1916 to 1954. And this; http://www.decodiva.com.au/files/product.php?id=115
  13. To start with; one that is militaria related! ;-) A German Scheibe Alsbach hand painted porcelain figurine of the Emperor sitting on a chair wearing his favorite uniform of Colonel of Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde Imperial.I tought it would made a good addition to the collection, for presentation of the St Helena medals I have got at this momment.cheers|<ris
  14. porcelain figurines

    Some art deco Sitzendorf dansers;
  15. Lion figure to ID

    Apparently no one knows .... http://m.middelburgsveilinghuis.nl/m_veiling/kavel/30774.html
  16. I recently got this lion figure, casted in white metal and marked Meurisse on the buttock. Measuring 31/18 cm. Apparently broken of something....!?

    A De Dijon Bouton pedal car, I just got in.
  18. Paintings

    This guy gets high figure rates for his paintings with monkeys, just can't afford those so I am buying what ever shows up without monkeys... The guy's name is Jos Shippers btw ;-)
  19. Ships , anyone?

    Some of my latest additions, the second one is quiet big (over 1.50m)
  20. Request For Help with this Sword

    Hello, it would be great to see the sword entirely,also, to have a idea of what sword it is.
  21. Very interesting, got it also in his book Lebe gefährlich.
  22. Religious medal to ID

    Both sides are identical.
  23. Religious medal to ID

    Hello, would anyone know which medal this exactly is, please? It was identified as French religious mid 19 th century, and the ribbon is garbage, but nothing more.... According to the owner it is gold.
  24. Religious medal to ID

    Hey Paul, thanks for taking a look. Also my idea of a French king, I was thinking of Charlemagne ( Charles the Great ).
  25. Finds of the day

    Just found some more in a remote corner....