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  1. Very glad to have been able to lay hand on some stuff of the former Belgian colonel Van Horen. The guy joined the grenadiers as volunteer during WWI and participated at the battle of Steenstraat and Tervate. He ended the war as a first lieutenant. Taken POW during the second WW, he manged to escape and joined the Belgian Forces in the UK. He liberated (as a major)Belgium and fought along in Holland and Germany. From 1947 until 1956 he was head of the mission of the Belgians army detached at the UN in Palestina. A strange medal in the pack is the one I all ready posted at;
  2. Hey Guy, did you noticed this; http://donum.ulg.ac.be/expo/pourquoipas/pdf/P1178C_1926_02_12.pdf
  3. Hey Guy the name you asked for is mentioned two times in my man's diary. He only started his diary in 1916 but lost a big part, so is mentioned in handwriting above the 1917/18 (machine written) part.
  4. But what is this medal doing among this guy's belongings; The Hispano- Belgian friendship medal with Franquist coat of arms....
  5. Pleasure is mine! ;-) K Our guy at younger age, and his parents;
  6. I'll come to it later Guy, here is a first impression with a few pic's;
  7. bingo! But he writes "De Kempeneer"!!
  8. Just had a quick look, and saw some very interesting things! But it will take me some time to go thru it all A lot of private, but never the less interesting things, but not military related All ready found out he didn't received any British medals! And found his WWI diary!! Strangely very little about WWII..... Again lot's to do, I'll post some stuff asap. chers Kris
  9. My collection Belgian Congo grows very slowly, those objects are very hard to come by. Here is my latest (just in!!) Portrait was made by ,Emiel Jacques, (°Moorslede, 17 juli 1874/+Michigan, 1937)a Belgian artist who moved to the US and died as a American citizen. I still need to find out who the officer was...
  10. It is here, message #23;
  11. Hey Simon, Thanks, I like it a lot! Found out the group she was in, along with here sister. The sister also got the BWM and a other higher medal. I posted it all on this forum a few years ago, but I can't find it again... Special to it was that it came from a house clearing with a German (very nice ) officer pickelhaube with a old news paper page in it,treating about a spy story. Both must have been related one to a other, but the story is lost....
  12. Hey, I got one issued to a women of my home town; Antwerp. She was a agent during the war. Posted here before.
  13. I got the family photo albums and two nice desk top grenadier related items. Not sure what the albums hold no time to check, I hope they contain army related pic's... Got a lot to do today, but I 'll show you asap. cheers Kris
  14. Going back today, I hope to get more (details...) .... ;-)
  15. Hey Guy, thanks for the additional information! Sadly you never know with the clearing of houses, what is whom... generally there is nobody left to tell the story....
  16. Thanks both, for your contribution. The books on my first picture shows several pictures (and notes) of him, and one with our man wearing his medals, some where in the late '80 ties.... Sorry!! Just realized that colonel Van Horen , must be the man not facing the camera!!! The only pictures I got so far, are these;
  17. Hey Simon, thanks for your message But I am not able to give a answer to your interesting question.... cheers, Kris
  18. It sure is! We never won a war, but we did won a few battles. This was one of them. ;-)
  19. I got it! Belgo Hispano; like I tought.
  20. hello all, I need some help to ID this medal, found in a house clearing from a former Belgian army colonel. He must have been major at the time he liberated Belgium with the Brigade Piron, after his exile in the UK. First pic shows badges and medals found, second image shows the Spanish (?)medal. It comes with a ribbon bearing the Spanish national colors, with the addition of a black bar, and so becomes the Belgian national colors. Also the lions between the branches of the cross makes it Belgian to me. But the coat of arms in the center is that of Spain at the time of Franco. Thanks for your help.
  21. And very hard to id... Any initials on the box?
  22. Very nice! Love to see the others....