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  1. Looking for ideas on what appears to be a French badge.

    Pleasure was mine! ;-) Kris
  2. Looking for ideas on what appears to be a French badge.

    And here we are, it was ID as; l'école des commissaires de la marine dans sa version ajourée or the school of marine commissinary's in it's worked out version. Not sure my translation is exact.... The closest I get to your insigna is here, the first figure on letter stamps of that specificaly school; http://envelopmer.blogspot.fr/2013/03/0-0-1-2-14-marcophilie-navale-1-1-15-14.html
  3. Looking for ideas on what appears to be a French badge.

    hello, I'll check with friends on a French forum. cheers Kris
  4. hello, the title says it all. Got a few adrian's (other then Russian's!) in the collection, but is ther anything in particular to look for ?? I'll get the pictures later on, and will poste them asap.
  5. French military buckle?

  6. Just found thise pic of a portrait i used to have, and left to my ex wife when left here....
  7. Hello all, latest find are this books I found at a Belgian auction house. To me it seems like a attempt to groupe the greatest part of information that was published at that time, in one. Most are translations from English, French and German publications. It is handwritten and comes with very nice illustrations. There are 8 volumes, bound in leather, by a firm in Rotterdam, and it is late 19 th c. They seemed to have been sold at one time for 835 (not sure about the currency...) And no clue about the author, apparently named "S.B. Ostt" or something... So it is open for discussion, would love to see what you think. I will post more pic's, when ever I come by something relevant during my investigation. Only allowed to post this pic's for the momment, more to come up asap.
  8. Display Eagles

    The aprentice book didn't treat about moulding alone. It covered a very wide range of themes regarding the making of art work. And specialy the copying of it. I'll have to find the title again, it was originaly a Italian book. Two de-nazified EK's in the pack, the EKI and the RK. I didn't touch them,...yet! But always planned to restore them. All ready did some work on de-nazified belt buckles, and it worked quiet well. Again, no pictures for the momment but I'll try to find some asap.
  9. Display Eagles

    And here is a pic of my EK's,made for a other forum I am on. But they are showed with what to me could have been a part of a WWI army stove, a thing I bought many years ago in orther to mould and improve in a way or a other...but it didn't happen until now. cheers Kris
  10. Display Eagles

    Glad I could be of any help. I have always been buissy trying to improve this or that part of the moulding job. Kept me awake many nights. And one day I stumbled on a booklet that held the notes of a unidentifyied student who was a apprentice and worked with several artists in the 17 th century....every tric I tought to be my impovement to the job was explained in the book....;-)
  11. Display Eagles

    Nice job,again. At the time I made my large pieces, I didn't had a forklift eighter, I used other trics. Now I have one, but no time to make large castings... To avoid the air bubbles best is to drip the silicon on to your object and form a thin layer by holding it in different ways until the silicon gets dry. You can speed up the process of the silicon by adding a catalyst. When that first layer is dry, you can fill up your mold box, whitout having to wurry for air bubbles. The silicons will hetch one to a other just if it was done in one time. Or you have to put your mold box on a wobbley table and make it shake during the process of drying. You can make the table shake by different maners. I would love to show you "in progress pictures " but I'll have to make them again. Also showing what I used to make a table shake is impossible at the momment, as I don't know where they ended in during the move.
  12. Display Eagles

    Thanks! Great compliment coming from you. ;-) I did a lot of concrete. The biggest (and heavyest) things I made were resting lions like you often see in gardens. But it needs a forklift to make them. The chemeney is in concrete as well, ment to stand the heat of a fire place. The bust of the knight was one of my first experiences to use "fill up's", the outer layer is a rather exensive car filler, that gives beautifull details, (like used on the ss skull), and then filled with foam. But I did put the foam on top of the car filler to quickly.... I used to have stage pictures of the process in action, but having troubles to find them with photobucket closing my account... In fact I am missing lots of pictures, but I am not going to pay to hoste them.... And about my brickwork, you are totaly right, and that is the reason of me not being able to cast anything. Have to demolish, rebuild and restore several buildings on the new property....:-( I'll add new pictures when ever I come by them, if you want. I can also ad that I generaly use the products coming from Vosschemie, a Belgian retailer.
  13. Display Eagles

    Just made some pic's in my warehouse.
  14. Display Eagles

    And dozens more, just not able to find the pic's this momment...the photobucket problem....
  15. Display Eagles

    Great job! I can only confirm making moulds is addicting. It has been a long time since I made something, because the new home needs the most of the attention, but here are some of my die casts; Here is a polyester crest ment for a, pre WWI, transitional Belgian helmet. The original die on wich original crests were pound, can be seen in the background. A polyester Wurt,
  16. Yes Larry the cap was my latest TR addition to my collection. They have always been my favourite cap's.
  17. Two army metal insignia (different crowns)

    Hello, they are Spanish to me, but the first crown is the most commoun one. Don't know for the the second type of crown....
  18. Here is a more commoun one; WH artillerie.
  19. It did'nt change, to me, on cruscher caps.
  20. Very nice pic. Cap is a crusher.
  21. French escadrlle la Fayette. The link is French but you'll find different swa's in wear. http://albindenis.free.fr/Site_escadrille/escadrille124Lafayette.htm
  22. Thise nice fellow came allong. On my list since I was 13 years old.... I am using the sellers pic here, if all goes well I should have it by the end of the summer holliday.
  23. Wish I could help, but out of my knowledge.... Good luck.