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  1. Just found thise pic of a portrait i used to have, and left to my ex wife when left here....
  2. Strange coincidence; my ex was half Hungarian....thanks for your input.
  3. Last weekend car booth sale;
  4. This threat can include any finds coming from car booth sales, house clearings, auction's or fair's. To start with my flee market finds of past WE, including some militaria! cheers |<ris
  5. Hello, any chance to see the whole medal bar, please? The Belgian medal made me curious.
  6. Just happened to me... Remember last year I got a medal; Well today I got the medal's box! Here is the lot the box came with; All medals must have belonged to Baron Isidoor Opsomer and probably came from the house clearing of his son Walter Opsomer. I regret now not have bought the other medals, but the origin, is never given on that sort of auctions.... This was the man; Sorry not available in English....
  7. Check out; Africans in The German Army at; BTW nice mug! ;-)
  8. Thanks for sharing. What could be the insigna on the pith helmet?
  9. Very nice.
  10. Some more comments about your helmet;
  11. And a total waste of time for all members giving a answer on that particular helmet.
  12. Strange when you say and reading on your ebay add; "I believe to be original, but I can ´t guarantee this "....
  13. Yep, they are diamonds. According to the jeweler, a old type of cuting, and worthless because irrecoverable....
  14. hello, found thise miniature along with a other one and the full size medals, but I was wundering what are the "stones" it just cut glass or what?
  15. Sales man sample. I have got a WH model. Love them.