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  1. # 394 The Seeberufsfachschule was in Essen Werden. There a technical training took place. # 404 The list of Kiel Jung is unusable for the reason that tapes were recorded there that never existed. Other bands that give information about the time of the formation (2 points or 3 points behind the numbers) are not taken into account. He has been propagating this nonsense for many years and has thus contributed much to the uncertainty among the collectors.
  2. Until the war broke out in 1939, there was the Schiffsstammabteilungen 1 to 14. Higher numbers on tallies did not exist. Bernd
  3. Hi Odulf, Marineartilleriedepot have never had own tally. Tally is Marineartillerieabteilung. Smadding
  4. The right also is Marineartillerieabteilung. There is no Marineartillerieschule, only Schiffsartillerieschule. Smadding