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  1. I come out here as a silent co-reader and co-author of the aforementioned book. Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement. Unfortunately, my English did not go beyond the level of the school, so I have to resort to a translation program. After the publication, there was soon a rift with the publisher. Agreements have not been fulfilled. On the other hand, the many years of very close cooperation with my colleague have left a clear mark. Thirdwasely, the sudden death of my wife came to me, which robbed me of the rest of my strength. Although I did a lot of preliminary work (data, facts
  2. Hi Morten and all, originally I did not want to set tallies and photos here. I planned the continuation of the book about the Tallies of the Imperial Navy (Reichs- und Kriegsmarine 1919 - 1939). Due to various circumstances I have refrained from it. So I can now share my material and knowledge here. English is for me a foreign language. I ask you to take this into account. Questions are always welcome. I will try to answer them according to my possibilities. Are photos of the Vorläufige Reichsmarine 1919 - 1921 and Reichsmarine also welcome? Bernd
  3. Another rare tallies are W.E. Inspekton ... Known tallies of the Wehreratzinspektion is Berlin, Dortmund, Magdeburg, Schleswig = Holstein, Regensburg. There also may be tallies for Königsberg, München, Koblenz.
  4. Küstenschutz Danzig tally was only hand-made in a few pieces. This tally comes from the estate of the commander of the battleship Schleswig-Holstein, which opened the Second World War with the bombardment of the Westerplatte near Danzig. After the conquest of Danzig, the ribbon was given honorary the later Vice Admiral Thiele. Unfortunately, I do not own a photo for this. The one shown here is from the book by Josef Zienert: Our Marineuniform, Hamburg 1960
  5. This tally is rare, in wear photo even rarer. It was wear for only one year.
  6. Okay, another one: Erprobungskommando für Unterseeboote And M.L. Reichswehrministerium.M.L.
  7. I posted it in # 449. Other cap ribbons with Führerboot and other inscriptions (post 453) do not exist. They were higher ranking departments without their own cap ribbons. There is only the Cap ribbons Füherboot des F.d.M. and Schulflottille des B.S.O. and B.S.N. Those are in my collection.
  8. Correction: Führerboot des F.d.M., not Führerboot des B.d.M. Here is the tally:
  9. Hi Morten, the right name for Führerboot des B.d.M. is: Befehlshaber der Minensuchboote (minesweeper), not Befehlshaber der Marine. Photo is from early 1934. Bernd
  10. # 394 The Seeberufsfachschule was in Essen Werden. There a technical training took place. # 404 The list of Kiel Jung is unusable for the reason that tapes were recorded there that never existed. Other bands that give information about the time of the formation (2 points or 3 points behind the numbers) are not taken into account. He has been propagating this nonsense for many years and has thus contributed much to the uncertainty among the collectors.
  11. Until the war broke out in 1939, there was the Schiffsstammabteilungen 1 to 14. Higher numbers on tallies did not exist. Bernd
  12. Hi Odulf, Marineartilleriedepot have never had own tally. Tally is Marineartillerieabteilung. Smadding
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