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  1. Sorry, I meant that those with the producers name are fakes.
  2. I got one Egendorf badge together with a little certificate that the person has absolved the school there which interests were to communicate the NS ideas to the civil servants of the Reich.
  3. Hi Don ! It's a pity but I am sure that the Frauenhilfsdienst badge is a fake. I also bought one several years ago but the pin is too flexible and the ones with loss of enemal which I saw are all without makers mark.
  4. These came in silver and gold and were honor pins für a regional sports union.
  5. I think that it's the middle of a DAF membership pin and the rest has been cut off.
  6. Hi ! There was a really huge amount of these sympathizers badges. I have 5 only with old Adolf on it but there were also others with the swastika.
  7. You only have to have a look into the Hüsken catalogue. Round about 99 % of the German badges with the symbol for the sun are from my collection. Regards
  8. Hi ! It's surely a German item. I found it twice here but I don't know fro which organisation it is.
  9. A very nice find ! You only see the golden ones on the German market so that yours is more rare and also original.
  10. Nice type which I've never seen before.
  11. Hi ! I got a different one which seems to be the normal one and yours the honor pin.
  12. There were also 2 types for 50 years. One with the 50 at the bottom like the shown one and one with a 50 in a type of circle on the top of the pin.
  13. The normal membership pins are more rare than those with the oakleaves but I think that the normal ones were given back after being awarded with the oakleaf ones.
  14. It might be a regional shooting tinnie. I also own some medals which have a relation to the olympic games.
  15. Hi ! Is it a 800 silver one in 3 cm size ? These are very rare and only given to honor guests.
  16. Nice badge which I only know from the old catalogue.
  17. Hi ! Never seen this one before and also no membership book or card with it. Regards
  18. Hi ! André Hüsken made a little mistake. I got 2 pins together with the identity cards. One mentions NS Beamtenarbeitsgemeinschaft, the other NS Beamtenabteilung ! Regards A wonderful pin which I never saw before,too. It was a membership badge for workers of the Loher Enterprise in Ruhstorf. Regards Hi Don ! If you've seen it in the new Hüsken, there are also those honour pins with Sängergau. But I never saw a simple membership pin with Sängergau ! Regards Hi ! Another nice pin which I never saw before here in Germany. Regards
  19. Hi ! It's a pin from the Deutscher Arbeiter-Sängerbund (German Workers Singer Union) which was a communist association which finished in 1933. Regards Hi ! They are rare because from a little town and till yet I never saw the golden one. Regards Hi ! I never saw this one before ! Regards
  20. Hi ! I'm sure that it's a fake. The black enemal is not good and the needle could never been really fixed. I have more than 150 different in my collection. Kind regards Hi ! A very nice and rare pin also here in Germany. I don't know anybody else than you and me who got it. Regards
  21. Hi guys ! I only have 5 of them but what I can say is that the one is the marine flag and Kiel at the bottom is original. The Name of the town KIEl is written by hand with enemal paint which is today to expensive to do. I also have one with KIEL with the party flag instead of the marine flag. Regards
  22. Hi ! All badges which have this special plate are fakes produced in Belgium. They produce a multitude of badges there. Greetings
  23. Hi ! 99 % of the German badges with swastika shown in the Hüsken book are from my collection which André scanned several days. I received this badge with its framed award document but I had to look when it was distributed. Greetings
  24. Hi ! I'm sorry, but it is a copy. The originals have to be all in bronce on the back, also the back of the attached Teno symbol. About 20 years ago, I was on a military fair, where a guy sold a whole suitcase full (also with their boxes) to every dealer. Regards