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  1. The same medal like above in gold. AVS: RVS:
  2. Here are the insignia of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit. Picture 1. Picture 2. Picture 3.
  3. Hello, have somebody an idea in which years The Order of Labor, first design will be arwarded? And in which periods will the the three variants (MENNICA, PRAWEMA, TIRANA) of the second design be arwarded? Best regards Richard S
  4. Hello, I think there is a picture of the medal in the book Military and Civil Awards of the Democratic People´s Repulic of Korea (DPRK) from Warren E. Sessler an Paul D. McDaniel Jr. on page 385. The name of the medal is Review Commemoration Medal. Established: March 26, 1997. Best regards Richard S Here are some pictures of my medal. Averse: Reverse:
  5. Hello, thank you for your efforts. This is a miniature without reserve. This miniature comes from a convolute of a German soldier. He first served in the first world war as a soldier, than he gone to Spain. He was not a part of the Legion Condor. What he has done in Spain is not known. In the second world war he was a translator for Spanish. No further informations are available Best regards Richard
  6. Thank you very much. Cheers Richard
  7. Hello, have someone an idea about this medal? Thank you Richard
  8. Hello, have someone an idea witch ranking has this medal in the sovjet medal system? Best regards Richard
  9. Thank you very much to all.
  10. And here is my Order of Merit, Knight of the Democratic Republic of Congo with document. Avers:
  11. Hello, here is my Order of Merit, Officer of the Republic of Congo. Avers: