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  1. I am glad I did not see it then. I probably would have had to have it and went into debt. Nice bar! Congrats!
  2. Very nice hat! It would make a great addition to any collection (including mine, Hint, Hint ) Again, nice piece!
  3. fknorr

    Cuff title "1936 SPANIEN 1939"

    Nice photos and info jacques!!!
  4. I do not have them in front of me but I believe the Roger Bender/Angolia 2-Volume set on the HJ covers the markings on the reverse of these pretty well. I was looking at that very section a month or so ago but I cannot remember what they were exactly...worth a look.
  5. fknorr

    Artistic Crosses

    My photography skills are not as good as others but here is another pic I had laying around.
  6. fknorr

    Artistic Crosses

    No headgear at all other than the Picklehaub? Come on guys....
  7. fknorr

    THIS is a knife

    I believe I read once that @ Monte Casino somehow the "word" got leaked that the the allies were going to use gurkhas in the next assault on some portion of the German lines that was being a particularly tough nut to crack and when the assault happened the German positions were found to be empty. I do not know enough about the battle and/or the Gurkha unit history therein to know if it indeed happened but it certainly makes for good reading.
  8. There was also an Artillery Ranging Beamte shown too for "bright red"...are these "bright red" or a crimson though...?
  9. Red, they match up in color quite well to a pair of Heer Artillery Officer boards I have.
  10. Too bad you couldn't use actual pieces on your chart instead of generic colors (not busting your balls), it is just that the "chart" would be a bit more accurate, even w/dye variations and fading. I am sure I have scans of various tabs I have had in the past if you'd like them.