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  1. It was pretty common in that time that they used the crest, initials of emperor, national colours and the portraits of emperor and his family on everyday used objects as a sign of patriotism....
  2. ...look here.. ...but i dont think it has to do something with army or imperial family or so. just a nice ornament for a draft horse...
  3. moroccan goums

    Dear friends, I need help. I have in my collection this photo with text in czech language on the back side (translated to engl.) : "50. company of moroccan goums". Is it possible to identify the unit and also cca year? thanks Iver
  4. Thank you for all those informations! Does anybody of you collects this thing? I do collect Austria Hungary, so if anyone of you (maybe Robert - Guards Armoured?) would like it, i would send it as a gift...
  5. Its scanned in 1200DPI, i dont think it would be better... :/ Building really seems to be "german" style...
  6. Dear Friends. Have bought some Austro - Hungarian military photos and this one was between them. are these british soldiers? there is something written on the building, the second word is Barracks but cant read the first one... where can it be? Germany? thanks for help Ivan
  7. ...it means it was awarded in war...
  8. ...it is a symbol of war decoration - just like on the decoration itself...
  9. ...cased medal, cased mini, classic mini, private adjusting of mini, ribbon with ennameled wreath...
  10. ..thank you for informations, I collect Austria - Hungary, so this is for me a big unknown... so nothing "phaleristic"... thanks..
  11. Dear Gentlemen. I need help with identification of these ribbons with a button (RAF?) Measurments: 10,5cm x 1,4cm, button is 2,4cm... Thanks for help...
  12. ..here one nice set of cross 2.class...