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  1. GeorgeCL

    Inquiry about Russian medal

    Nickolas I medal for the Caucasus 1837 Presentation medal George
  2. GeorgeCL

    Imperial hallmarked Russian Jetton 1912

    To start Nice Jeton set. Its just a guess but could be for a Invalid assoc. I cant read russian and that should clear up what these were issued for. Lots of assoc that time period, Feb 3 1912. the 84 is the silver content mark. George
  3. GeorgeCL

    Russian Wound Stripes

    Heres another period photo of a White russian pilot. wound stripes on sleave. Photo approx dates to 1918-1920. George
  4. GeorgeCL

    Imperial Russian Portrait

    He looks abit like Gavrill Sarychev. Just a guess. Hes is also wearing a 20 yrs civil service ribbon and looks to be a St Johns cross below his neck award civil St Anne. George
  5. GeorgeCL

    Brass Barrister Buttons

    Heres a photo of a Barrister of justice offical wearing badge. George
  6. GeorgeCL

    Chinese Shanghai River Police badge

    Sorry forgot to upload picture.
  7. GeorgeCL

    Chinese Shanghai River Police badge

    Thanks for the Great info on the badge. Here is a photo of my great uncle, Boris Zoudilov, in his uniform. George
  8. GeorgeCL

    Brass Barrister Buttons

    I think justice offical also. Here is my cloke chain for justice offical. George
  9. GeorgeCL

    Navy ratings arm patch flying corp

    Hi Rick Eagle and prop are heavy embrodered and eagle dose have some padding under as well. Heres another pic. George
  10. Another piece I picked up last week. Naval patch cut from a uniform. I was told the uniform was eatin up by moths and this was what they could salage. Patch for Machinist mate naval flying crop.? 1 button and a red stripe. Thanks George
  11. Picked this up last week at a bottle show. Minty condition winter style cap. Frank and Dunn maker with Nov.13 1917 date. Is ther any value to these or common. US militaria is not my collecting field. Thanks George
  12. Just picked this badge up at a bottle show here in New Mexico. Had some interest to me because a Russian great Uncle was a policeman in Shanghai 1930's. enameled flag in Green with a yellow cross and RP. rest of the badge is silver has a small chinese mark on the reverse. Ribbon on the bottom states Shanghai River police. Anyone help with the time period? Thanks George
  13. GeorgeCL

    Estate Sale Buys

    Thanks for the help on these items. The links were Great! Thanks again George
  14. GeorgeCL

    Estate Sale Buys

    Close up
  15. GeorgeCL

    Estate Sale Buys

    Belt thing?