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  1. Hi folks ! I have some original photographs in an official OHMS envelope which is titled The Preussen Redoubt. I'm trying to ascertain where this is as i also have a collection of trench maps - i'd like to connect the photos with the relevant map ( if it's there ) I've only managed to find several mentions of this on Google including a reference to the Battle Of Arras. They're part of a collection of material related to an RFA officer who was at Ypres in 1917 and St Quentin in 1918 with the 47th Brigade, later attached to the 250th. Any info greatly appreciated
  2. Has anyone seen a memorial plaque awarded to someone who died after the war, say 1920 ? I've never seen this until today and wondered for what reason it would be given ?
  3. That's what i meant by reissue - not from the period.
  4. I've seen copies like that at auction for a few pounds. Do not see the point in a £400 copy with no connection to the original medal, even with a certificate of " authenticity ". What does it say ? " Yes, this is a copy " ?
  5. Without seeing the backs, i'd be happy that the top medal is war issue, even though it is shinier. The patina looks right, as does the design. The bottom one looks like a reissue or copy.
  6. This is rotten. I would contact the Antiques Trade Gazette and inform them. These medals may be dispersed throughout the country to auction houses and they have a stolen items section. Go to their website Also, try their online auction search engine at the-saleroom.com Hope they're found and the ******** caught.
  7. I like the stories about Edward VIII coins almost as much as the 1933 penny. All but one are accounted for. It was placed under a church in Leeds and has since gone missing / stolen when the building was knocked down
  8. I concur I've seen many, many hundreds of these and heard several different theories, one being they were used in early versions of Monopoly !!!!!??? I've been fortunate to find a couple of original grubby guineas dismissed as tokens ( even with dirt the difference should be very obvious ) but usually it is the opposite - people thinking they have something of value when they are readily available and usually worthless.
  9. Thanks. I've messaged him but had no reply yet about the other Connolly
  10. 2572 Connolly, Thomas James , Cpl Thanks
  11. Does anyone here have access to information about the 6th Btn ? A friends father was in the regiment and wounded August 1916 and then discharged under Regulation 392 ( XVI ). He's curious as to how he was wounded / the battle or skirmish he was involved in.
  12. What a great thread. Fascinating !