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  1. German "military?"Boot Pulls : left 1 WW - on the right 2 WW? Different Joints,perhaps interesting? Best Jurgen
  2. Hi Trooper D, well that's my Question actually: Since my Guess they (like many other Officer Equipment!) had to purchased Privatly no Doubt this Boot Pulls could be also Bought by Civilians wearing long tight fitting Boots..my Question also:when they first did appeare ,I think could be in the mid 1800 s? (I seen some with wooden Handles & "Pearshape Finals" surly older) ..Modern folding Boot Pulls have not the round Final prevent they slip out. I got this from a Friend told me his Grandfather (Prussian Hussar) used them in 1910 about? My Grand Uncle was in the same Unit 15.Hussars. so: where the Boot Pulls given to any Trooper, ( would make sense since the high Boots are not easy to pull on as You perhaps found out yourself)??.maybe You know more or found out? Thanks for Your Interest best Regards Jurgen P.S.:I just bought another Pair (in better Shape) Seller claims they also from his Relative 1WW this folding Type similar with different Joints 2 WW? sometimes turn up on ebay always as 1WW or 2 WW Equipment..there was also not folding ones in Steel or Aluminium Picture come soon..
  3. I guess they where Private Purchased by Cavalry Soldiers? Perhaps even by Army (.Officers) since enlisted Men had short Marching Boots? Thanks & Regards Jurgen
  4. Imperial Russian Belt & Buckle

    P.S.Here the former Factory in Warsaw I discovered under the Belt Fastener some old "scratched in" Symbols? perhaps of the former Soldier? Any Idea Please,very appreciated..
  5. Russian (Police?) Tulup Bekesha

    Thanks Bayern,seen both worn on Photo's even together
  6. P.P.S: I thought maybe a Private purchased German "Fusilier Officer Dress Sabre" but no.. looked ad many Pictures there Guards is less ornate and slightly different straight Parry element..are there any engravings etchings on the Blade? I believe it's an Scandinavian Officer Dress Sabre..maybe someone know more? Best Regards Jurgen I agree with You,there is a Mark to see under the Langet (Ear) I think it's a Scandinavian Officers Dress sword)Regards Jurgen
  7. P.S. I think now it's Skandinavian? I see under the "Langet" thats the( "Ear's" on both Sides of the Guard going over the Scabbard when sheathed)a Marking?? Look ad that Please? Not sure what it's worth..maybe £ 200 - 400 depends how rare the Sabre is?Needs an Expert to decide.. Best Jurgen (Germanski)
  8. Hi Gents ..,on German Sabres (Saebel) there was Inspector Marks (Number under Crown and also Imperial Cyfer like "W" (Wilhelm I/II) under a Crown ect. on the "Ricasso" that's the upper Part of the Blade near the Guard & Maker Marks ,as "Solingen":"& the small of the Back, also Weapon & Unit (Regiment) Number on the Scabbard Top & small Cifer on the "Schlepper" the Iron what drags on the Ground (only Officers where allowed to let the Sabre "schlepp"..(not sure now the down bend nice ornated Guard looks Skandinavien (Danish??)sorry I got no Photo but surly Markings can be viewed on Sides like (British Blades?) dealing with Sabres & there Types?Hope this helps? Best Regards Germanski
  9. Russian (Police?) Tulup Bekesha

    Thank You for friendly Interest! I seen this Coat with different Buttons (gilded Alu with Hammer & Circle?)The Army had cream/white Color? Regards Jurgen
  10. Hello Gents, I purchased a Russian (perhaps Police?) Bekeshe very warm Sheepskin Coat got for a good Prize £50 plus 28 Post since heavy from Kasakhstan (took 3 Weeks not bad since Russian Winter Holiday was on) I researched,they are worn in Russian Army's for 400 Years! Introduced after Hungarian General,Caspar Bekesh.since the Name any more INFO very appreciated! Best Regards Jurgen
  11. Hi Gents: "Marsch Riemen" on the Boots where "Private purchased" still in my Time 1960 s sold in the German Cantine to ware with the "Knobelbecher" (Dice beaker Boots) cost 6 Mark I rather spend on Beer Ha Ha!
  12. The Handguard looks like the Prussian "Bluecher Sabre" what originated from the British 1798 introduced Light Cavallry Sabre (most thinking came from the Indian Tulwar) but I think was inspired by Eastern Europe Pattern Hugaria /Poland Austria..
  13. Hello Gents,Greetings I got this Pair of "German? foldable Iron Boot Pulls / Stiefel anzieher"(cleaned up) I think they could be 1 WW or before..any Idea when they are first used in 1800s? similar ones are still sold for Riders today originally "Chromium plated" Any Friendly Answer very appreciated! Regards Jurgen PS.: I remember my Grandmother had a "foldable" Iron Corkscrew the Joints where the same and I think this was from End 1800-1900? Best Jurgen
  14. Imperial Russian Belt & Buckle

    P.S.Here the former Factory in Warsaw
  15. Imperial Russian Belt & Buckle

    Hello Gents,Greetings I got this Imperial Russian belt Buckle with Cyrillic Marking (translate:"B.Sh.D" Brothers Brunner,hugo Schneider Rudolf Ditmar ,many Factory's ad the Time so in Vienna,Maker of Petrol lamps & Metal/Aluminium Products.(There where also Imperial Russian Army Cantines /Messtins with there Mark found)I researched that they had in that Time a Factory in Warsaw (then Imperial Russian)1879-1914? I wonder if my Buckle was made there,or in St.Petersburg (using there stamping Mashine?) since that by outbreak of 1WW Mashinerie was moved away to Russia (St.Petersburg? here some pictures how the Belt was assembled (differend Fasteners) and the Cyrillic Marking on the Fastener. The Buckle has a Chokolade brown Patina most (ground dug) Buckles show missing or bent Fastener ,a week construction (pulled by heavy Equipment? (I Guess my is made from Bronze or Copper?)Any more friendly INFO very appreciated! Best Regards Jurgen