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  1. Thanks Bayern for y' Interest Yeah had the Ruby 7,65 myself,but was "unsafe to handle" Regards Jurgen
  2. Hi Gents My Grandmother bought this small Pistol (about 1915) in her Tobacco Shop It's a Spanish made "Radium" Cal.6,35 Pistol,unusual since a Grip panel has to be pulled down to open the Magazin.any more INFO very appreciated her Brother tried shooting it - worked fine (so she told me) Thanks & Regards Jurgen
  3. Thanks Dolfek! That's interesting Regards Jurgen
  4. Hi Gents: here an Article from:"Zeitschrift fuer Heeres Uni form Kunde 1940 Hamburg by Diepenbundler Gunther& Schulz about Uniform of the Legion Condor Maybe interesting? Regards Jurgen
  5. Hello Bayern I just read again: The German "Legion Condor" Volunteers arrived in "Civil clothing" & given first an "Armband" in the Spanish Colors:Red yellow red. End of 1936 all "Adopted" a new Khaki Uniform fashioned on the "Spanish Legion" Regards Jurgen
  6. Hello Bayern Thanks for Your Interest! Well,so far (was my Question) we know that Spanish Army Belts were used (ad least by the Ground troops) of the "German Legion Condor"..my sec Question about use of "Blue Paint" on "Division AZUL" Equipment IIWW? (I found a Picture of some Helmets &ct?) Best Regards Jurgen
  7. Legion Condor Soldier with Spanish Belt & Buckle Regards Jurgen
  8. P.S. Hi Gents I found Photo of Legion Condor Ground forces Panzer Uniform (obviously with "Spanish Belt") I read also that the Uniforms where Taylord in Spain Best Regards Jurgen
  9. Hello Bayer, The mentioned Officer "Sam Brown Style" Belts worn by the Legion Condor Officers where also given by the Spanish,I seen some marked "El Caballo Sevilla" they where used in the Spanish Army before & in the Civil war.. Regards Jurgen
  10. P.S Not easy to find a Photo Legion Condor Soldiers with Spanish Belt,this Panzer soldier on the right looks like he waring one? Regards Jurgen
  11. Hello Bayern, Thanks for Your friendly Answer.. I just read the opposite in an old Record :The Legion Condor Soldiers left (& arrived in Spain) in "Civilian Cloth" Marshingboots & Rifle to be fully equipped in Spain ..?actually the Equipment was very bad for Uniforms (even Blankets for the Winter where not given out!) I seen many of this "German Style peppelt plain Belt Buckle"(Some say they where used by "German Penalty Units!")maybe the Legion used them,they still in for sale as such..more Research is needed?Thanks & Regards Jurgen
  12. Hi Gents I seen two Buckles (one Spanish one German II WW Time) showing Rest of "Blue Paint"? "Divisione Azul "? any Idea Please Thanks& Regards Jurgen
  13. P.S. here Buckle & Catch Hi Hugh thanks for your Interest so much I also figured.. It's the "Ducal open Crown" used by General Franco over the San Juan Eagle & Santiago Cross the Claws on later 1943 Pattern are different,I wonder also if the "Blue Division" painted there Buckle "Blue?" (Here Pics?)maybe there is some Friend who knows more?Thanks again Jurgen
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