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  1. PS : last Photo I found is the famous UNAM University :"The Sprit talk to my Race"..not military.
  2. Hello Gents Any INFO on Mexican Belt Buckles? Especially used in 1862-67 Maximilian Emperor? very appreciated Thanks Jurgen
  3. Hi Danny Thanks! well Y perhaps right! I could not tell the Differance to another similar Cross I had (with Box) & was Original how can You tell? - Why shall be "Fakes" be made in such elaborate Work ? Cost more as they can be Pur chased? actualy as I was still in Germany Iron Crosses First & Second Class costed about 60 Marks to 20.. I hear nearly any German Soldier got the second Class In 1WW they dish them out in "Messtins!" to the Front nothing really special? Well just my Opinion.. PS. How much You think cost now an Original EK 1..? just curious.. Regards Jurgen
  4. PS Maybe its made in Latvia? got it from there..is this possible & still 2WW awarded? Regards Jurgen
  5. Hi Triad08 Thanks for Your Interest, yes scanner Pics...but I think its Details good to see? the small 800 (Silver) Stamp is on the lower Cross back Arm ..Swastica stands up very clear.so "1939" yep the Souval Marked Screwback is maybe not belonging?...I will try to make a Photo sometimes.. Regards Jurgen
  6. Hello Gents..Question : Is this Original? It's Magnetic with screw back Any INFO very apreciated..thanks & Regards Jurgen
  7. Triad08 Hello many Thanks for the interesting Link! This is quiet a lot on Medals! obviously many not authentic are on ebay? Many Thanks & Best Regards Jurgen
  8. Hungarian Nurse Badge? "Histolical order of Vitez"?
  9. Thanks Triad08! sofar I just have the first Cross (with the black Ribbon) They other are seen on ebay..so no much Money lost. Very Interesting Theme for sure I will look to get a Real awarded Medal. The 1956 up- rising by the Freedom Fighters ended sadly in Tragedy I remember the Photo of 15 Year Young Erika Selesz going around the world..killed by Russians as she helps wounded as a Red Cross Nurse.. PS. Triad08 Thanks again..Is there any English INFO available to collect those 1956 Medals? Regards Jurgen
  10. Hi Gents..not much response to my Question? sure some one know more about Hungarian 1956 Medals? Best Regards Yours Jurgen
  11. maybe show me Please? Regards JurgenHungary 50 Years 1956 Revolution Association Organization Cross Medal Order _ eBay.html
  12. Hello Hunyady Greetings I got a Medal Cross with a black Ribbon 1956 maybe in Rememberance on fallen Freedom Fighters? any INFO PLease? Thanks & Regards Jurgen
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