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Brian Wolfe

British Police Helmet Plates and Cap Badges

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Since this thread has been resurrected, I may as well jump in. I haven't added any insignia to my collection since the late 1980s. My interests are only of the Met & COL. and you can imagine how hard it's been to find these things out on the frozen tundra! The Taylor/Wilkinson book, along with Mervyn's, have kept my collecting spirit alive, although It's been in the doldrums for quite some time.

This display contains my collection of Met & City insignia, as well as other things that are marginally related, such as the Civil Volunteer Force, the martingale badges, etc. Some of the things are spurious or questionable in authenticity, and the rank insignia is clumsily inaccurate. One of the plates is an outright fake! I know because I made it myself (EviiiR). Another plate is a curiosity that's been nagging me  since I got it. Its inclusion is simply as that; a curiosity. Anyway, it's far from complete, but my wife still allows it to hang in the living room! Cheers, Mike.


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Mike  -  a nice collection  -  with some interesting badges.   Your two rarest are probably the ones with the silvered numerals in the centre of the plates.  Nice to see you have one of the old police box keys with the whistle -- that was the same as mine.  Keep collecting the older ones get rarer all the time.   Mervyn 



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