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unfortunately not named to a person, but in pretty good shape and with a lovely unit marking of the 74. Infantry Regiment from Hannover in what is now Lower Saxony and was once a Kingdom with heavy links to Great Britain because of the Personal Union.

Kingdom of Hanover

Architectural monuments in Hanover

This Pickelhaube belonged to the 3rd Companie of this unit, their barracks were in Hanover and are still in existing. Today it's a Police station. 

Interestingly newspaper photos are available showing the deployment of the 3rd Companie on August 2nd 1914. It is likely that one of these soldiers is wearing this Haube on this very special day.

Its of course not an item that will change the shape of the blue planet, but  for me it's a nice add to a small collection as mine.

Thanks for looking  













more photos






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Incredible ! appears as if never was used . over 100 years old and slightly aged .

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