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  2. I love it; such a unique piece. Would be happy to own that and I only collect longer Luftwaffe ribbon bars! Just goes to show you how much I love It. 😃 J-
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  4. James, Curious if you know what that medal is you just posted? I’ve got the chance to buy one for about $25. Worth it? thanks Jan
  5. Finally, this afternoon my little whim came home. and I want to share with you this crown that made me do "crazy things"
  6. Just added a Distinguished Service Cross with two oak leaf clusters to my collection. Working on getting the miniature and ribbon both fitted with the same clusters but that's a project for next week.
  7. Hey thank you very much. I will take a look for the book.
  8. Jesus, that is crazy money for a Feldschnalle. I thought I was nuts paying 200.00 USD for a Trapetz with devices for the Crown and Schleife to the RAO.
  9. A very nice bar and probably unique, ID or not. Just a very interesting combination with some rare awards. Great pick up! J-
  10. You folks are wicked fast! Awesome! Now to valuate it. Prices at worthpoint are all over the place. A shoddy one without a ribbon sold on ebay in 2012 for $700US but I have no idea why. I'm thinking I don't know something, it was a shill bid or a fluke. Most of the others without ribbons seem to be selling for $75-$125US.
  11. Thanks again for your attention. In part, I also agree with FAR 32 that an identified piece has much more value than one that is not. But I personally (and this is only a personal preference) do not value the history of a piece, if I cannot verify it 100%. Throughout my life as a collector, I have seen many pieces customized by collectors and sellers with the sole purpose of increasing their value. In this case, the only thing that mattered to me was the crown of the order of the red eagle. And this ribbon bar seemed original. It is true as Mike says, that sometimes we pay too much ahead of time, but it is also true that in my collector's life what I have regretted most is not buying what I wanted and that my possibilities allow me to buy it, and that finally Do not buy. As for Weitze, he is one of my reference sellers, and in his shop I have bought very good pieces but I have also seen copies and manipulations with or without intention. And in my last experiences with Weitze I am not very satisfied. As you can see in the following link. And I have many doubts in another piece that I have not yet dared to put it into consideration. and that I will present it in a new section.
  12. Thanks, Tony. That helps. The Canadian Expeditionary Force is/was a military oddity: The Minister of Militia, who hated the snotty-nosed British officers sent over every year to train 'our boys', was himself the embodiment of all the worst traits the Victorian officer corps: vindictive, grasping and stupid. When War was declared he basically ignored our tiny standing army and started over from scratch, raising the CEF. One of the few sensible things that was done was to assign, very early, number blocks, so every one of the 660,000 recruits had a unique identifier. There are a few of the older units which had to be 'counselled' to accept the new method and so there are a very few duplicate numbers, mostly men already serving, but by and lafrge the system worked well and is a real boon to researchers. Peter
  13. There is a book, printed in Russian language of course, that lists the recipients of the George Crosses by serial number. It's a bit hard to find and probably expensive. But, some who own the book will help with names, units and dates if you find the thread on the right Russian militaria forum. Oh, and a lot of the information is lost so don't expect too much.
  14. Sadly, I suspect that there is a third piece to this badge - the crown - now missing, which would help date it more closely, though I'm going to guess it is Victorian. Just a hunch based on the fastenings mostly. Perhaps one of our Gunner members can be more helpful. By the Way, welcome to the GMIC! Peter
  15. This is order of pillars of the state, but it can`t be 4th class badge, since 4th class should be gold gilded. So this could be 8th, 7th or 6th class (depending on the number of bars at the ribbon) badge.
  16. Very true. Incidentally, I used to own the Meurer ribbon and ribbon bar set sold by Weitze, and there's nothing wrong with it.
  17. gabatgh, I think it may be a 'Manchukuo Occupation. An Order of the Pillars of the State, 4th Class' http://www.imperialjapanmedalsandbadges.com/pillarsofstate.html Regards, Graham
  18. Hello :) After looking around for a while, this medal SEEMS to be Japanese so I thought I would come here and ask... Thanks!
  19. Last week
  20. We have all, at one time or another, paid more for a piece than our colleagues (or wives) thought it was worth. Over time, value seems to catch up with the price we paid. There is much truth to the adage that says we have not paid too much, just purchased a bit too early. Nice ribbon. Mike.
  21. Hello, I am newly registered but I have been a regular visitor to this forum for many years. @03fahnen You have compared your ribbon bar to the one on Helmet Weitze's website. If I am going to pay this kind of money for a ribbon bar (my wife would murder me) I would choose the Weitze bar for sure. This bar belonged to a 3 star admiral. There is long service military cross represented. There is a very rare life-saving medal in the second position. Identified bars of high ranking German officers are very desirable and good investments. I think your bar is very decorative but it is not in the same league as the Meurer bar.
  22. Officers Victorian Sabretache Badge Friends . Unusual gun What time? I have a lot of guns, but will I get this one for the first time? Perhaps an early period ??????????? or is it the trenches work front ???????? 2 I wonder what year this drawing in the charter
  23. Weitze sells a much more expensive one, that of Ebay was accompanied by 6 eyelet brooches, and one of them with an enameled crown, which are not easy to see. Also, sometimes shopping at Weitze, and trusting originality is a matter of faith. (which is not always rewarded with what has been received) Weitze, just for the pass asking for € 350.00 https://www.weitze.net/militaria/69/Feldspange_des_preussischen_Vize_Admirals_Hugo_Meurer__324969.html?t=1568912878 Leaving aside the price (I know I have paid a lot and was aware of it) what opinions deserve this ribbon bar. it would be possible to identify the owner by seeing the chain that is sold on Ebay and that collects more decorations
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