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  2. Gents, Almost five years later, this "set" is once again listed on the well-known auction site. Asking price: $12,499.00. Although the current owner/seller is located in California and not Greece, the same qualifiers identified in the above historical posts pertain. Regards, slava1stclass
  3. What decorations would be appropriate on the right side of the tunic breast? I know the Turkish War Medal and possibly other foreign but I really don’t see many Germans with awards on the right side And on this tunic, two sets of loops on the right
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  5. Hello! Does anybody know how many Iron Crosses that was awarded to Finnish soldiers during ww2? Is there any list of it´s recipients available?
  6. A grouping with a Virtituti Military and a Grunwald 3rd class is exceptionnal!!!
  7. There were many German settlers in the Netherlands Indies. Most came as traders seeking their fortunes, gradually participating in all aspects of the colonies life. Paul
  8. Hi Patrick, Thank you for the information, and the information you have sent me. There are 675 American recipients of this medal, is there anyone who has the names or partial name-lists of these recipients? I am probably looking at an officer at least captain or more. Sampo
  9. Hello All, Slightly off topic (or at least geographically distant) is the baton experience in Western Australia Police. On joining in 1973 we were presented with a dinky little rubber baton. It had a tightly wound steel spring at its centre, covered with a slightly flexible firm rubber outer- 14 inches long. This was particularly useless as a tool to subdue an angry man as it just didn't have the reach to connect from a safe distance. You virtually had to be wrestling with the crook before you could use it. It did have the novelty value of being able to be thrown down onto the footpath in front of lonely night beat constable, whereupon it would, if thrown just right, bounce up in front of him- to be caught in the hand ready for the next bounce. This was great fun until some imperfection in the footpath cause it to bounce back- not directly in front of the bored constable but sideways into a window. A surprising number of 'damage' incidents were detected and reported by vigilant police on the night beat!! The second issued baton was I think the best- a long spun aluminium beauty- it had a beautifully knurled handle, and was about 26 inches long. It looked impressive and that alone made it very effective as a control tool . It also had great 'reach' when it had to be used. Lastly we got the ASP- an extending baton of 24 inches which most coppers will know. It was light and easily carried when closed and had reasonable reach when used. Many of us felt it had the potential to cause excessive injury because it was thin, hard steel and so were reluctant to use it unless absolutely necessary. Couple of photos attached- don't have one of the aluminium model.
  10. I'm guessing the sash is for the Russian Order of St. Stanislaus.
  11. This is a Montenegrin General uniform . very russian style .but note the badge on the peaked cap that was characteristic .the uniform is the M 1910 service uniform for Generals and Officers . he wears also laced ankle boots with leggings common practice in the major part of the Armies but very rare in the Russian Army
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  13. Just to add a link to the topic in another section. I suppose that he is wearing Russian uniform in the first picture...
  14. Many thanks Trooper_D Yes, you are right. He is wearing Order of Danilo V class, as well as Order of Danilo I class set, which is one of three breast stars on the second picture. The other should be of Italian order of the Crown. Third medal could be French LH, and the last Montenegro Medal of Obilić. On the first picture, I can't even identify the ribbon sash he is wearing
  15. Good to see an authentic Michael, after German ebay is currently flooded with probably-not-so-good-ones. See, here's one without crown; I'm not sure if they're also doing the higher grade, however... The ebay seller, furchtlosundtreu14, seems to be part of a "network" for not so nice pieces, together with others like aubanan12, benkosi, bogdangapol, cairde32, egon4791, ichverkaufealles12345, galec-galec, inge7591ch, kasperle369, koelnerdomplatz09, kokor00, lillyfee-1995, mansamusa, orehilas321, pueppchenundtuch, salihero, sanktvith2011, slimcase1958, sterog62, trumeko, trumeko28 and wilro11... ebay was more fun in earlier years.
  16. I have come to realize That these items are from the DAK or Afrika Korps. The buckle has a makers mark of GB near the loop and 44 under the prongs. Can I get any info as to maker, rarity, or value? They are not for sale at this time. Thank you. Correction- 41 stamped under the prongs...
  17. Are you sure he got any 1914 Iron Crosses besides the Grand Cross? That would be unusual, to say the least, and I cannot find much to back this up. Do you have some source that claims he got both classes of the EK twice? I have some doubts about this claim, to be honest.
  18. David, I have this one as well. Your search, however, has probably been satisfied within the past five years? If not, please feel free to drop me a line, here, or better, by email...
  19. Thanks Mike & Andrew for your comments. I am away this weekend but will try and get some interior shots posted as soon as. Andrew, thanks for the tip on the buttons. Unfortunately, the seller is all out of QVC horn buttons so if you could part with some of yours I would be hugely grateful. The buttons on the tunic are identical on the front with the majority marked as “English Made” apart from 1 which appears to have a makers name which is illegible. Tunic currently locked away in a suitcase but the awful smell is still managing to get out!! Desperate to clean it but don’t want to take the risk.
  20. It's amazingly beautiful. It is already a great honor to handle such great pieces. It must have been extremely hard to give it away... Great post!
  21. A ribbon bar with the Danzig Police Long Service Award. This is the first ribbon bar with this miniature device, which I have ever seen. I wonder which device was attached to the other blue ribbon next to it. Best regards, Nicolas
  22. What an excellent find, and a rare survivor that I'm sure is making a lot of faces envious on screens around the world. Is it possible for you to post a few more images of the interior, as I for one would be very interested to see just how similar and different these early jackets are to the later dress ones that often get used as Victorian tunics. As to replacement buttons, I highly recommend: http://www.goldenagebuttons.co.uk/lists/Police.htm Metropolitan (Type 2). ”Metropolitan Police” in buckle around QVC Horn, one-piece convex, 25 mm. £2.50 Although if you're looking to get exact matches I might have one or two. What maker/style should they have on the back?
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