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  1. I still have not applied yet because I am still 17. First, I am trying to find work so that I have some life/work experience because I have heard from many sources that they value that. What with many forces having a hold on recruitment, I am starting to think that joining first as a Special or PCSO first will be a good way to get my foot in the door, if you like. Thanks for asking, though, and yes still keen on joining.
  2. From what I have read, I believe they were discontinued in about 1968 time. An interesting thing to point out, is that the only officers exempt from wearing the armband were officers attached to the traffic department due to the safety implications of them snagging on an indicator arm or the like.
  3. Hello Rod. How old were you when you started collecting?
  4. Certainly, what a good way to put it. From the posts I have seen, Mervyn seems to be very knowledgeable and I am learning already. Not sure about the other two as you and Mervyn are the first members I have talked to since joining, which was only the other day. Jack.
  5. Hi again. I am below the minimum recruitment age for police in the UK which is 18, but I have always wanted to make a career out of it and plan to try as soon as I am old enough. I collect anything to do with British police forces, with an emphasis on the Metropolitan Police. Jack. Also, from your profile I see you are ex-job and was in service with The Met? Please tell me about yourself and what you collect if you don't mind :)
  6. Hello Mervyn, thanks for the welcome. I actually wanted it to be "I_♥_PoliceMemorabilia" but it would not allow me to have such a long name and I picked the avatar from the sites gallery of them. By the way, my first name is Jack.
  7. Fantastic collection and displayed really well, I only wish I had this amount of room!
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