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  1. Sweet!!!! Add another one to my want list! :cheers:
  2. Sounds like the Christmas Truce. The Christmas Truce was a famous incident that the higher ups didn't like. I believe that the Officers (from both sides) threatened afterwards to shoot anyone for consorting with the enemy if it happened again. :violent:
  3. Not an easy one to find. First one I've seen posted in some time now. Very nice. :cheers:
  4. I like that name! Put together, but put together when is the question? Would love some side photos to see any possible sign of new solder, as the frames appear to not line up very well, but hard to tell. I suspect, at least from what I can see from the photos, that this so called FrankenEk was put together a long long time ago, but side photos would be nice.
  5. I also agree, never seen an 1870 that has a marked ring. Mine aren't marked. Has anyone seen or can produce a picture of a marked ring from an 1870 cross? Not saying it is not possible, just never seen one before, ever. I would be highly suspicious of this one. :cheers:
  6. I concur with joe on the reverse display! What a hardy catch too! Reminds me of some of the Godet catches you see on 1870 crosses. :cheers:
  7. That ninth bead really just kind of screams at you! Look at me! :speechless1:
  8. Once again, another exceptional find. I've never seen this variety before. Chalk up another one on the list I desire! Eric, have you posted your example before? I would love to see that one too!
  9. The detail on the crown is not very good at all, definately not period, and this one went really, really fast last week.
  10. Chris, the above talked about cross doesn't give me that warm and fuzzy feeling.. It's a lot different then the one you posted, which is a good one. If you note, the block above the hinge is actually part of the hinge. The pin is perfectly round, not flat backed, and the clasp is square wire, not round. The beading on the frame is thick like a fake I've seen somewhere before. True, it's a three piece, but their are a lot of three piece fakes out there. I can't say without a doubt, 100% that it's bad, but I'll just say it's one I wouldn't feel comfortable having in my collection. I love unigue pieces, and their are a lot of really good and unique ones out there that are totally legit. If you or anyone else is looking for a nice/unique pinback to have, an unmarked KMST was 'For Sale' here, don't know if it is still available. Sorry, just checked, cross is gone now!
  11. Ah! My favorite maker! That is the first pointed pin I've seen from AWS.
  12. Good question Chris. With the particular cross above, the jury may still be out on it's origin. I said "may", rather loosely though. I've always thought that FR and Fr were both Friedlander. Why the variance in the mark? I don't know. I heard once that FR was for Friedrich S. Don't know that either. A while back a thread was started on WAF where as someone pointed out that FR may actually stand for ??? Rothe. Can't remember the first name, sorry. The argument in Privateara's first book, was that Meybauer marked croosses were Rothes'. He has since corrected or changed this belief. The argument in the thread on WAF was that Rothe's were actually FR marked crosses. It was an interesting argument. Anyone have anything to add? Are FR marked crosses definately Freidlander? :cheers:
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