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  1. Hello, I have a doc of a nurse who received the Hindenburg-cross with swords! She also get the red cross medal 2nd and 3rd class (WW1). She served in a german colony. Unfortunately it is unknown in which german colony. Best wishes leutwein
  2. Unfortunately there is no entry in which colony she served. But the docs were issue by the "Kommando der Schutztruppen im Reichsministerium". There are two docs for the red cross medals (2nd and 3rd class) and for the FEK. But I?m thinking that she served in German-Eastafrica or may be in Cameroon. Best wishes Leutwein
  3. Hello, I have some docs of a nurse who served in the colonies! She got later (1934) the "Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer". How is that possible??? Best wishes Leutwein
  4. Nice and rare picture Medalnet. Congratulations. But those 3 black soldiers are members of the policetroop of Togo and the picture was taken around 1914. The left policeman is a "Unteroffizier" The right policeman is a "Gefreiter" The decorated policeman could be a "Vize-Feldwebel" or a "Feldwebel". unfortunately we can not identify the insignias. A lovely picture. All the best Leutwein
  5. Hello Chris Boonzaier, some more news. Heinrich Teske left Hamburg on the 30th March 1904. Probably Heinrich Teske reached Swakopmund with the steamer "Entre Rios"! "Hauptmann" Stahl was the "commander" of that steamer (the steamer transported a battery (8 officers and 125 NCO?s and privates) and 650 horses) and he was later in Southwest the commander of the 5th battery. On the 21st April 1904 the steamer "Entre Rios" reached Swakopmund. The 5th battery had to finish their instruction until June in Otjosasu. After the instruction some members took part on patrols under the command of Oberleu
  6. Hello Chris, unfortunately I couldn?t find any wounded Person with the name Heinrich Teske. Perhaps he was too old for doing his service in the WW1! Perhaps he was a settler or an old veteran (Feldwebel) during the Herero-War and finally to old for the WW1. All the best Leutwein
  7. Hello Chris, yes I have the "list"! I need only his name, then I can search if he was wounded in Southwestafrica. All the best Leutwein
  8. Here a nice example of Bernd D theory. A seaman of the SMS Hertha with 4!!! battle clasp. The 3 battle clasp are Taku Tientsin and Seymour-Expedition and the last one, can only be Peking. All the best Leutwein
  9. Hello Chris Boonzaier, in the name list of recipients of the Iron Cross 2nd class were the earliest awarded on the 01.12.1914 Some of them who get the Iron Cross 2nd class on this day were Bezirksamtmann Dr.vet Wilhelm von Vietsch or Stabsarzt Dr. med. Felix Meyer. A lot of Southwest-veterans get their award on the 28.04.1918. On the name list of recipients of the Iron Cross 2nd class Oblt. von Hadeln get his award on the 28.04.1918 too. All the best Leutwein
  10. Only 15 but the list isn?t complete. 3 of them were wounded too and get the wounded badge. All the best Leutwein
  11. Hello Chris Boonzaier, are you sure that the reserve officer was called STORCK and not STARCK??? I couldn?t find a person with the name STORCK ! But I find a Lieutenant of the reserve STARCK ! By the way, here is a Link to a list of officers who surrenderd after the end of the war in Southwest or died in that campaign! I hope the link works. http://www.traditionsverband.de/download/pdf/off_ueliste.pdf There you can find STARCK under the number 058 of the reserve officers All the best Leutwein
  12. Fantastic and rare Group Congratulation. All the best Leutwein
  13. Hello, no he didn?t get the "Colonial-Medal" (Kolonialdenkm?nze). He didn?t take part at any "coloinal-wars" in Southwest. By the way, in the book "For Valour" of Gordon McGregor, Oberleutnant von Hadeln isn?t present on the name list of recipients of the Iron Cross 1st class!!! But he is present on the name list of recipients of the Iron Cross 2nd class. All the best Leutwein
  14. Congratulations to the nice documents! I?m still looking for an colonial EK II or EK I document. All the best Leutwein
  15. Hello Chris Boonzaier, what was the name of the reseve officer ? I think I can help you. All the best Leutwein
  16. Hello Chris Boonzaier, A von Harlin didn?t existed. All the best Leutwein P.S.: Did you get all the documents of von Hadeln??
  17. Hello Deruelle, are you sure that the mayor is Viktor Franke?? I think it is W. von Koppy. I?m missing only the medal for the china campaign. All the best Leutwein
  18. Hello guys, (Hallo Heiko ) could this guy be one of the sanis?? The seller said that he took part on the Boer War and the last medal should be an english medal, is that correct?? It is possible that he took on the Boer War and Boxer War in China?? What kind of cross is the 6th one and what kind of medal is the turkish one? Unfortunately is the name unknown. All the best Karsten
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