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  1. Hello, I will post this naval officer with an interesting combination (Braunschweig and Württemberg). In my opinion this combination must be rare and with the Johanniter, we have to search someone of nobility. But by now, I couldn´t find any match with this combination and I´m going crazy The naval officer is wearing on his medal bar: RAO4 DA XXV China-Denkm. (in my opinion for fighters but steel were also possible) WF3a BrH3a/b I hope someone of you can put a name to this nice photo. Thanks a lot for looking. Best wishes Karsten
  2. Hello and thanks a lot for your reply. Is there any chance to find out something about his WW1-decorations (dates of award)? Best wishes Karsten
  3. Hello, after a long absence (sorry for that ) I´m now looking for informations of Stabsveterinär Ernst Laubis. He was born 1878 (Lundström, Krause: Hohenzollern: 1914-1947) and received for his duty in German-Southwestafrica (1904-1908 ) the following decorations: KO4Xw WF3b 1916 he received "Ehrenkreuz 3.X von Hohenzollern" (Look: Krause: Nicht-württ. Auszeichnungen an Wtbg 1914-1918 ) but when did he received the swords to his WF3b ?? Did he survived the war?? Did he received other decorations during WW1?? And in which untis did he served, during WW1 ?? Thanks a lot f
  4. indeed nice but.... ...this one can not be a colonial type because the FAM was instituted in 1905. The veterans of the Boxer Rebellion were normally awarded with the SAEZx. The first awards of the FAM were for the Herero-and Hottentotten-Rebellion in German-Southwestafrica (1904-1908). Best wishes Karsten
  5. Hello, on this excellent website you will finde the different manufacturer of the FAM http://www.sachsens-orden.de.vu/ Have fun =) @VtwinVine Would be nice to see your colonial-saxon-bar Best wishes Karsten
  6. Thanks a lot but I need a better scan of the backside so that I can recognize good the individual letters of the lettering, for example. I hope it is possible. Why should it be a copy? I´m not a FAM-Expert Best wishes Karsten Sorry but that´s wrong. The FAM should be a colonial one and this type is super rare!!! And when the present piece is not original, it will be very very difficult to replace. Best wishes Karsten
  7. Hello, nice bar but is it possible to receive better pics of the front- and backside of the FAM ? Best wishes Karsten
  8. I'm sorry but any speculations are out of place for me! What counts for me are facts ..... Point 1: Quote: "ECs and ribboned medals are often not on studio photos, but pinbacks were mostly a case of "wear em if you have em ..."" I have many photos which prove the opposite. In particular, the EK was worn almost always. And therefore it is seen in photographs (almost) always. Point 2: So far, only 4 women are known, which have received the Iron Cross and 2 of them have carried it. This at least shows that the women have worn with pride the Iron Cross. Furthermore comes on top followi
  9. Hello George, why do you exclude a military person? 1894/95 began the "Togo-Expedition" under von Gruner and von Carnap-Quernheimb. This expedition had the goal to open up the back-country of Togo. Can´t imagine that some functionaries have participated there. May be after his military service he could change to the administration. Another point: Colonial soldiers received also the AEZ for their retirement. I´m still not at home.... ...so my question: Did (colonial) functionaries also receive the Centenary-medal?? Best wishes Karsten
  10. I will post the backside for those who were happy to see a picture of v.Raben... ....with the original autogramm of v.Raben Would be nice to see some more items in this awesome thread. Best wishes Karsten
  11. Hello George, that´s a difficult question! I have never seen this type of battle clasp. It looks very different to those known clasps..... ...for example the lettering and the grain size. BUT I have also never seen fakes of that type! So if it would be a fake, there would be some more exemplars of that type. So the battle clasp could be really a 1920's or 1930´s clasp BUT the medal bar should be, in my opinion, a pre-war-/ pre-1914-medal-bar! Also questionable for me is the combination of Togo-battle-clasp and a portuguese decoration.... ...this combination could be possible
  12. For me it looks like a bar of a paymaster of the navy. Any other opinions? The combination is possible but I´m not able to garantize the decorations itself. For example the oldenburger peacetime-decoration... But the bar looks.... Best wishes Karsten
  13. Hello, sorry for that misunderstanding but this is not a group! Only single items... so nobody did loose his battle clasp Strange but not so strange because not every front-fighter received decorations.... But many colonial veterans weren´t front-fighters in WW1, because many of them weren´t capable for the front-service (jail-fever, malaria, blackwater-fever and so on). Another nice pic with a lovely ribbon bar. Nice to see those miniatures battle clasps for the colonial medal. Did someone recognize him?.... ...it is the famous defender of Mora Major Ernst von Raben The p
  14. and this nice medal bar. The owner received the colonial-medal most likely (in connection with the GSWA-Medal) for his actions in GSWA 1903/04. Best wishes Karsten
  15. a very nice topic Here my little contribution At first the certificate for this nice medal. Gefreiter Biermann received also 1899 the MEZ2 (!) for his actions in GSWA 1898. Those certificates are rarer to find in comparison with those for the German-Southwestafria- or China- Medal, unfortunately. And a nice Photo with the colonial medal in wear.
  16. Very interesting. Hope you can wait..... because now I´m far away of my sources and will come back home in october. Best wishes
  17. very interesting! Why are you looking for them, if I can ask.... ...do you have some items of the post guys? Unfortunately I do not have any photo of those. Best wishes Karsten
  18. I think that after the Iron Cross comes the hanseatic cross of Hamburg..... ....and after the saxon DA comes the red eagle order and the danish order. Because after "Roth" Nieper didn´t receive any more peace time decorations.... Furthermore it is more possible (in my opinion!) that the hanseatic cross of Hamburg is not mentioned in any sources instead of any peace time awards (like a swedish or montenegrin Order!). Best wishes Karsten
  19. and an enlisted man who served also in China during the boxer-war... Best wishes Karsten
  20. definitely a "Hauptmann"-bar (1914)....But I would also tend to Kapitänleutnant or "Hauptmann der Marine-Infanterie". So someone who was at the beginning of the war Hauptmann/Kaleu and ended like Korvettenkapitän or may be Fregattenkapitän a.D. Nice bar!! Best wishes Karsten
  21. my favorite imperial items are for sure.... ....colonial items =) Especially photos, certificates, estates and medal bars a nice photo for Jason, hope you´ll like it. Best wishes Karsten
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